16 of the most important varieties of roses

The World Federation of Rose Soceities introduced 16 roses to the Rose Hall of Fame, chosen by popular vote in the WFRS member countries. Members of the organization are 39 communities and 24 associate members.

In the list of the most-most there are varieties of different years of introduction to culture and they belong to different groups and each of them deserves a place in it. We can not argue with the fact that modern roses simply amaze with both beauty and endurance, however long-known varieties do not give up positions and keep the level.

No. 1 Coctail – introduced in 2015. Catalog name MEImick and it was introduced as far back as 1957 by F. Meilland in France. This is climber in warm areas and rose bush in the cold. The flower is simple (5 petals) and has a two-tone color. Bright red on the half of the petal smoothly turns into yellow. It has an oriental flavor.

No. 2 – rose Sally Holmes, introduced in 2012. This shrub rose is from the subgroup of hybrids of the musk rose. Cream-pink simple flowers with a yellow center are collected in large clusters. Her neat bush consists of numerous shoots. It was published in 1976 by RA Holmes in England and was sold on behalf of Fryer’s Roses. It blooms massively even in the shadow.

No. 3 is Graham Thomas from D. Austin, introduced in 2009. A beautifully flowering plant in England was introduced back in 1983. Bright yellow with flowers in an old style and abundant flowering, it has been growing for more than 30 years in flowerbeds around the world.

No. 4 – Elina (or Peaudouce or DICjana). Introduced to the Worldwide Catalog in 2006. A tea-hybrid tender yellow rose by P. Dickson in Northern Ireland in 1983. A beautiful classical flower for this group is born on a long branch and is surrounded by dark green and shiny foliage. Complementing this splendor is a gentle, barely perceptible pleasant aroma.

No. 5 – Pierre de Ronsard. In the world catalog of roses it is officially registered since 2006. Accommodation on the flower beds of this variety began in 1987, when it was presented to flower growers by M.-L. Meilland in France. She has many titles – Eden, Eden Climber, Eden Rose 88, Grimpant de Pierre de Ronsard and MEIviolin. It is a large-flowered climber with numerous petals of flowers in an old style and pink color, appearing in all manner of tones.

No. 6 – rose Bonica 82. Recognized by the whole world in 2003. Catalog name of MEIdomonac and it from the roses of Meilland. This shrub rose and its flower is dyed in a delicate pink color that burns to light-pink with age. The foliage is small, semi-glossy. It was withdrawn back in 1982 in France and solemnly marches along flowerbeds of flower growers for more than 30 years.

No. 7 – Ingrid Bergman, a large flowering tea-hybrid rose from Poulsen from Denmark. In 2000, it was introduced into the world catalog of roses, and was introduced in 1985. The fragrant velvet red flowers freely blossom on a strong vertical bush. The background is a large green and shiny foliage.

No. 8 – New Dawn, a rose that few people don`t know. In the world catalog it since 1997, and it was deduced in 1930 in the USA. This is a sport from Dr. W. Van Fleet. Light pink and large flowers blossom on the shoots of the new year on the climber in the hands. The branches are flexible and thin, the foliage is dark green and shiny.

No. 9 – Just Joey. It was bred in 1972 by R. Posey in England. Rose is a popular large-flowered tea-hybrid rose. Juicy apricot coloring and wavy petals complement the large flower size and strong fruity aroma.

No. 10 – Pascali or LENip. It is registered in the world catalog of roses in 1991, and was deduced by L. Lens in Belgium 28 years earlier in 1963. Creamy-white large flowers of a tea-hybrid variety sparkle against a background of dark green foliage. It is very resistant to disease.

№ 11 – Papa Meilland, which in the world catalog is listed since 1988. Like the previous one, the sort of tea-hybrid roses was introduced in 1963. Its velvety large dark-red flowers and spicy honey aroma still cause many to have it in their flowerbed. Pope of the rose MEIsar, the catalog name of the firm Meilland, is  A. Meilland.

No. 12 – Double Delight, a rose, bred 40 years ago in 1977. G. Swim in the United States. Two-color color of large flowers depends on the region where the tea-hybrid beauty grows. Depending on the weather, red color may become more or less. Therefore, in one bush, there will never be two identical double flowers. In the world catalog of roses it was officially made in 1985, where it has the second name ANDeli.

No. 13 – rose Iceberg, derived by R. Kordes almost 60 years ago in 1958. Names-synonyms – Schneewittchen, Fee des Neiges or KORbin. Medium-sized flowers are collected in clusters and bloom throughout the season for this rose from the floribunda group. The mass of white flowers and disease-resistant foliage for many years compel gardeners to buy it for their gardens. She enlisted in the world catalog in 1983.

№ 14 – Fragrant Cloud, a rose from the group of tea-hybrids, bred by M. Tantau in 1963. Its large fragrant flowers are painted in a marvelous orange-red color, and the red shade has a mysterious admixture of lavender-gray, muffling the bright color of the primary color. This coloring does not repeat on any rose. Became Fragrant Cloud part of the world catalog in 1981.

№ 15 – Queen Elizabeth – participant of the world list of roses since 1979. This is a shrub rose from the group of grandiflora. Her delicate large pink flowers are collected in a clusterf. The flower resembles a tea-hybrid rose. Flowering – repeating. The foliage is large, dark green and glossy. Rose was bred by Dr. W. Lammert in the USA in 1954.

No. 16 – Peace or Gioia, Gloria Dei, Mme. A. Meilland. She is one of the most loved roses in the world. Large flowers of this tea-hybrid rose are painted in warm tones of yellow and pink flowers, the second serves as a border and it is very distinct along the edge. The tender delicate fragrance of the rose Rose sort attracts the sense of smell. Released after the Second World War by F. Meiland in France in 1945. In the list of the world’s main roses since 1976

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