In order to grow roses in your garden you do not need to be a certified agronomist scientist. It is enough to care for them. There are several very important conditions, subject to which, rose bushes will always have an attractive and healthy look. And so proper care for roses requires compliance with the following rules:

  1. It is very important to buy a healthy sapling. This is a guarantee that the rose will grow further. When buying a sick seedling, you risk not getting any plant. Therefore, we must carefully examine the selected plant. If you live in a place where roses are very often sick, then you should choose varieties with increased resistance to diseases.2.
  2. The soil around the rose bush should always be kept clean. Weeds and debris are the distributors of diseases, and they often have pests. In this regard, try to always keep a close rake. Also remove cut branches and fallen leaves.
  3. Careful soil preparation before planting roses will allow you to grow a strong and healthy plant. On soils with poor drainage, the plants often get sick and die.
  4. Thickened plantings contribute to the rapid transmission of diseases and the spread of pests. Thin out the roses themselves so that they do not run wild.
  5. Proper and timely feeding is another way to decorate a flower garden or a French garden, for example, with an attractive plant. After all, with a shortage of potassium in all plants, resistance to disease decreases. In addition, young shoots do not have time to ripen to the onset of cold weather. And if the roses do not give phosphorus, they will begin to die from the root, as it is needed for the healthy growth of the root system.
  6. Too much lime in the soil is fraught with chlorosis in leaves. In addition, such vital elements as iron and magnesium, will be poorly enter the plant system. Remember that getting rid of excess lime is quite difficult.
  7. A very important point for a plant like a rose is the place where it grows, as well as how it was planted.
  8. Regular inspection of plants will help notice the appearance of insect pests on time, exactly like the first foci of disease. With the first you can handle manually, and with the second – spraying fungicide.

By following these simple guidelines, you can constantly monitor the condition of the rose bushes that grow in your garden. And in this way, carry out the right care for the roses.

However, it is worth remembering that everything starts with a sapling – healthy and full-fledged, which should be planted in a good sunny place in a well-drained soil. There is nothing difficult in the constant supervision of the plant, except for the correct choice of means of feeding, no. Now it is very simple to find the right solution, it is enough to come to the garden shop and ask you to be given fertilizer for roses. To combat disease, the main thing is to correctly identify the disease that struck your plant. After that, go to the same store, and ask that you give a remedy for the detected sores. About who and what struck the rose, you can read in the section “Diseases of Roses”.

Enjoy your growing!

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