A beautiful lawn in 5 steps

. Landscaping involves flowers, trees, small architectural forms, and, of course, grass. Herbs, in the hands of the designer, create an unsurpassed mixborder, a discount or a whole grass garden. However, more often they are used for different types of lawns.

Types of lawns:

  • Ground floor – the most “tender” because of the growth of 1-2cm and soft grasses. In a small garden, it is impractical. It requires a lot of attention.111
  • Lugovoi is a very picturesque view, almost does not need attention. Heterogeneous flowers grow among cereals: crocuses, poppies, daisies, daisies. It is steady against trampling.
  • Ordinary – most often used in areas. It forms a dense turf and can be left for a while without care.
  • Moorish – colorful carpet. With the classical concept has very little in common. Consists of a mixture of herbs and flowers. It is something between a flower garden and a usual covering. At the end of flowering, they do not immediately cut it, they give it to ripen flower seeds.
  • The sports one has a super drainage system, and the herbs recover very quickly. Very expensive coverage.
  • Non-cereal coverings consist of grasses and undersized ground cover plants. Cereals have nothing to do with them. Such a tablecloth is formed at tree trunks, on steep slopes, in shady corners.

How to make a beautiful lawn with your own hands

1. Soil preparation

a) Determine the composition of the soil on the site. On podzolic soils, conifers grow well. If the acidity of the soil is very high, then it is necessary to import the fertile layer. Podzolic land requires constant liming, and the green cover will not survive this.

Areas with peat composition of the soil have high humidity and acidity. Good drainage and periodic liming will be needed. It is better to partially replace it.

Chernozems are optimal soils for creating an emerald coating.

Floodplain soils are located near rivers. They are also suitable for lawns. The only drawback is increased humidity. Only a drainage system is needed.

b) If the soil is suitable:

  • Remove rubbish, root out stumps to
  • “deal” with weeds – remove manually or use a continuous herbicide. Cover bushes or other plantings with foil.
  • Dig and level out allotted territory. Please note that every 10m the slope is at least 1cm, so that the rain does not stagnate and the grass does not get wet. Or plow a cultivator to a depth of 20-30cm. If necessary, add fertilizer before digging.
  • Tamp with a special skating rink, weighing up to 100 kg.
  • Water well without eroding the soil.
  • Leave on for 2-3 weeks.

                               The soil does not fit:

  • Remove garbage, uproot stumps.
  • Remove soil layer at least 20-30 cm.
  • Fill it with fertile soil mixed with fertilizerswith
  • Tampspecial roller, weighing up to 100 kg.
  • Water well without eroding the soil.
  • Leave on for 2-3 weeks.

2. It is better to sow lawn grass in mid-latitudes not earlier than the second half of April and no later than mid-August.

  • To rake the prepared surface by 1-1.5 cm with a rake.
  • Grass seeds for the lawn are divided into 4 parts. On 1m² of land 30-40g of seeds.
  • The first time is sown along the plot, the second – across, the third – diagonally from one corner, the fourth – diagonally, but from the opposite angle.

3. Mulch the crops with a layer of soil with lowland peat, compost or humus with a layer of 1 cm, so as not to wash the seeds for lawn during irrigation.

4. To drive with a skating rinkcarry out

5. Tosmall-drop watering of the future “grass trap”, and to water the next 2-3 weeks in the morning and in the evening. Watering is required if dry weather is observed.

All types of lawns – ground, ordinary, Moorish, meadow, except for sports and non-grassy grass coverings – are planted according to this principle. At first, with the advent of seedlings to obtain a beautiful lawn, as the fruit of the creation of your own hands, in the future we recommend watering and eliminating “ill-wishers” – weeds and pests.

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