Admiral rose variety

Rose Admiral from Tantau belong to the group of tea and hybrid roses and was introduced to the culture in 2015 under the code name Tan11049. It was developed for cutting and cultivation in protected ground in cold areas, as well as in the open plantations of Africa and Australia. Currently, it is grown in areas in Europe.

Specification of rose Admiral

The Admiral rose has a deeply cupped shape of a flower consisting of at least 60 petals, stained in primary purplish red. But at first the petals have a lighter shade and only become purple with time. The arrangement of the petals is concentric. In general, Tantau’s Admiral flower has the classic bouquet shape of hybrid tea roses. Can fade a little in the sun. Flower size – 10-12 cm. The flower does not fall for a long time and stands in a vase for a long time (10 days).
Bush from the variety of roses Admiral from Tantau is quite high – from 90 cm. The branches are strong, erect, usually ending with one flower. Foliage – dark green, dense, large, shiny. Thorns are present. Rose has good resistance to major diseases – powdery mildew and black spot. A rose can do without shelter in warm regions, but in temperate climates it is better to shelter.

Care about rose Admiral


The Admiral rose must be treated the same way as any other plant in the garden. First, it must be watered. At 1 bush will need 8-10 liters of warm distilled water, which is poured under the base of the plant in small portions as needed, but not less than 2 times a week. In dry times, this is done more often, and it will also be nice if she will be sprayed. Evening hours – the best time for this. During the night, the soil is saturated with moisture and the flower will get longer from it the liquid. Very good, if used mulch. It not only prevents the rapid evaporation of moisture, but also significantly reduces the likelihood of “raids” of weeds.
Another important aspect – feeding. They make plants stronger and more beautiful. Tantau Admiral Rose Hybrid tea is fed once every two weeks. This can be done with liquid or solid fertilizers. They can be diluted in water and alternate with watering, or they can be poured under a bush, and with each watering the flower will receive a portion of useful substances. What fertilizers to choose? Someone got the hand and pours only with prepared aqueous solutions, and someone chose the granulated, pours in a solid form and he likes the result. In each of the methods there are small flaws that do not have a significant effect on the plant. Which one suits you best is your choice. Feed the rose and natural fertilizers – rotted manure and compost.
For all varieties of roses, the access of oxygen to the root system is important. This helps to loosen the soil around the bush Admiral. This should be done carefully so as not to damage the young roots. The mulching of the soil can be an assistant — the soil beneath it is less “clogged” and it is not often that we have to fight with weeds.
Winter pruning is possible only in subtropical and warmer belts.
Pruning of the main varieties of Admiral roses from Tantau is carried out either in the fall or in the spring after opening and establishing positive night temperatures (slight frosts do not harm, and harden the rose). If such pruning is done in the fall, the rose is shortened by a third. In the spring, it will take a bit more deletions (if they are needed): frozen, diseased branches and old shoots are cut out completely; healthy and strong shorten. In an adult bush leave up to 7-8 shoots.
Circumcision under the winter fully delays flowering for at least 2 weeks.

How to use rose Admiral

In the design of the site, hybrid tea roses are queens of flower beds. They are planted in all types of landscape gardening tree-floral composition. They are a classic for a gift to a loved one. This tea hybrid rose from Tantau Admiral is no exception. Coniferous, deciduous shrubs – cypress trees, junipers, fir, cryptomeria, yew trees, eosklety, forsythia, boxwood, holly, laurel, magony, myrtle, photinia, laurel tree … Flowers can be different colors, different growth size – it all depends on the type of flower beds in which they will grow together.

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