Albrecht Durer Rose – a rose named for the famous German artist

Roses simply amaze with the variety: both color scale, and growth forms, and possibilities of use in a garden on a site. Many of these beauties grow both in open ground and in containers. The only thing that is important to remember when potted growing roses, this is the size of the pot should be sufficient for comfortable growth of the plant – the larger the rose, the larger the piece. And in this article we want to introduce you to the world-famous tea and hybrid rose from Tantau Albrecht Dürer.

Specification of Albrecht Durer rose


As already mentioned, Albrecht Dürer rose belongs to the group of hybrid tea roses and blooms mostly with single flowers (sometimes it can be 2-3 flowers on one branch). The flower of this variety of roses is large – 10-15 cm in diameter in a fully uncool state. It consists of many petals, forming a densely double-deep bowl. Very reminiscent of the bloom of vintage roses. The color of the petals is salmon-pink with a yellowish tinge, and the edge is a dark pink border. Bud yellow at the bottom, and red at the top, dense, rounded. At the beginning of blooming, the flower is a rich orange-red color, and then brightens. In the cooler season, a rose has a richer flower than in a hot time. Rose blooms throughout the season. His aroma is intense, fruity and, like flowering, intensifies to rain or cool.

Rose Albrecht Dürer Rose was introduced to the culture in 1996 in Germany, but Tantau was officially presented in its catalog as a permanent participant in 2002. The author of the rose is Hans Jürgen Evers. Other rose names are Albrecht Dürer, Beryl Joyce, RT 96-145, TAN96145.

The external data of the Albrecht Dürer Rose rose is as follows: the foliage is saturated green, dense, shiny, large. In wet, cool weather, it can be affected by slightly powdery mildew and black spot. The Albrecht Dürer bush is rather sprawling – 50-70 cm around the circumference. Height varies from 50 to 120 cm. It becomes as beautiful as possible for 2-3 years after landing. Regarding winter hardiness, a rose without shelter can tolerate frosts down to -20 ° C. In regions where winters are unstable and are characterized by frequent temperature changes (thaws), this variety of roses from Tantau should be covered even at – 15 ° С. And for complete tranquility, the Albrecht Dürer rose gardener is best covered. Her pests are typical of roses – aphid, cicadas, spider mite …

Care about Albrecht Durer Rose


For planting the variety Albrecht Dürer from Tantau choose sunny or half-shade (the sun should wrap the rose with its rays for at least 3-4 hours) areas. They should be characterized by good water permeability and drainage (areas are not clay, drained, without stagnation of water and high groundwater), lack of winter northern and north-westerly winds, the presence of useful nutrients (organic and micro and macro elements). Almost all soil types are suitable for the cultivation of roses. Only they need to be “corrected”: remove excess acidity, alkali, add sand to heavy clay soil, and sandy peat, compost, humus.
Watered roses as needed. In hot weather more often. Evening sprays are useful at this time. Watering alternate with top dressing. Top dressing is important for each plant. They give him the opportunity to be healthy and strong, to produce a good harvest of fruits or flowers. Roses are fed 1-2 times in 2 weeks with liquid or solid fertilizers. These are both ready-made mineral complexes, and natural ones – rotted manure or compost. Also, they need to give a vitamin selection. It is better to make them through spraying.
Named rose in honor of the famous artist Albrecht Dürer.
Loosening the soil is necessary – it helps the root system of the rose to get not only oxygen, but also to quickly get useful substances from the soil. In the “clogged” soil plants “suffer.” During loosening, weeds are also removed. If mulch is used, this technique is less common.
Pruning varieties Albrecht Dürer Rose is carried out in spring, summer and winter, after it leaves completely in a dormant period. Spring pruning is done for “stripping” the plants: parts damaged during the winter are cut out. In summer, the main purpose of pruning is to remove the flowers that have faded away. The main pruning is wintering, which includes removing all sick, damaged and old shoots, shortening the remaining primary ones (in this variety of roses, 1/3 of the shoots are left or shorter – it all depends on the growing region). With the appearance of diseases and harmful insects use drugs that are available in stores, or use traditional methods.

How to use Albrecht Durer Rose

Albrecht Dürer Rose Hybrid Tea is suitable for growing in all types and types of flower beds: rabatki, mixborders, tapeworms, rock arias, curbs, stalls, hedges and, of course, container plantings. It is grown both in the bush form and in the standard one. In the neighbors fit all the plants. Long stored in the cut. An excellent variety for growing at the entrance and in a fragrant rose garden.

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