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There are a lot of nationalities in the USA. And the style of the bouquet was formed earlier under the influence of many cultures – European and East Asian and local population. It combined classic and ikebana among the new settlers. Most often, the compositions had a triangle shape, and the color scheme was based on clear contrasts, for example, yellow, red and blue.

At the beginning of their procession, bouquets in American homes stood in household utensils: cups, mugs, jugs, glass jars. For example, red geranium could stand in a beer mug or a bouquet of flowers in a tea cup. In modern America, among florists, there are several styles of flower arranging. The first style is very similar to a classic English bouquet. However, it has more freedom. There are no restrictions on the selection of color tones. Thanks to this, the original effect of the game of color is obtained. And the motto of this direction is “A lot means great.” Flowers in such a bouquet are very tightly placed to each other.

американский букет

Another style of creating compositions is based on a free, individual attitude to plants, their forms and colors. Among these bouquets there are many ikebans.

Often in flower shops in the United States sold flowers, mounted on a piece of moss in plastic containers. A variety of these dishes can satisfy any customer. Plastic dishes have the shape of a glass, goblet, bowl, etc., classic, baroque, renaissance, gothic. Often, such compositions using classic, richly decorated pots give the impression of luxury and wealth. It should be said that often in bouquets you may come across flowers of piece origin among natural flowers.

In addition, for arranging flowers, they also use natural containers of burnt clay, glass, porcelain and earthenware, metal and wood.

As already mentioned, America is a country where all the nations of the world live. And it can be seen in the styles of floral arrangements. Among Americans, “live jewelry” is very popular. Such small bouquets that are fixed wherever they want – on lapels of suits, dresses. They are decorated with bags and hats. They are woven into the hair. Clips and bracelets are made of them. They make such jewelry from fresh flowers and leaves, from the dried parts of plants. Additionally, ribbons, feathers and pearls are found in such compositions. And to prolong the life of man-made beauty, it is stored in the refrigerator. Americans love to decorate their hair with fresh flowers.

In the United States of America they love flowers very much, and you will not meet a single dressing without at least a small bouquet.

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