Fragrant herbs and seasonings in the garden are grown because it is good for people and the garden. They are not only beautiful, but also help the hostess to cook incomparable meat or fragrant pastries. This article is devoted to basil, or rather it will be about how to grow amethyst basil.

amethyst basil

Basil Amethyst Genovese

Basil has a characteristic taste and aroma, but amethyst basil, namely the Amethyst Genovese variety is a unique variety of Genoese basilica with a unique purple hue. It can grow everywhere – in open ground and in pots. This variety has thick, juicy and large leaves. The color may break through green. The stems of the plant are dark purple. 

How to Grow Amethyst Basil

Amethyst basil grows better on well-drained and nutritious soils. The place where it grows should be sunny. In warm climates, its seeds can be sown directly in the soil. If you will be seedling this basil variety, sow the seeds in early March. 

The basil Amethyst Genovese reaches a height of 40-50 cm, and the optimal distance between plants is 35-45 cm from each other. It tolerates short frosts up to – 7ºС. In cold climates, basil containers are brought into the premises at the end of summer. In a warm place, you can still use the leaves of this plant for a long time. 

The soil where the amethyst basil grows should be moist, but not waterlogged. It is better to feed the plant only with organic matter once a month. 


To have longer leaves

There is no need to write a lot about how to grow amethyst basil in order to extend the time of harvesting leaves. We recommend that you do not let it bloom, that is, as soon as you notice that the plant produces peduncles, prune them. Start collecting leaves as soon as real leaves appear. You need to pinch off the stem directly above the place where a couple of leaves grow. After you will see that new shoots will start to grow from the sinuses.So you increase the yield of amethyst basil. 

 flowering basil

Enjoy your cultivation!

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