On roses, very often there are different “guests”. And it doesn’t matter whether indoor roses or street roses, pests do not give preference to any particular roses, but “eat” everything that comes across. Such a voracious insect is aphids on roses. It happens that in the evening you saw your roses beautiful, full of health, and in the morning the tops of the shoots are covered with a continuous layer of greenish muck.

Aphids on roses how to recognize and combat

  • aphids on a rose – small sucking insects, 2-3 mm
  • long,this pest is a
  • greenish-yellow-rastlitelnitsyFemales have wings and fly continuously for new plants
  • Disable larvae of aphids first buds, and rose with increasing switching to young leaves, shoots and buds

If you do not fight aphids, then rose buds damaged by this pest may not bloom. With a very large amount of insect, the plant will suffer greatly, and will recover for a long time.

Fight against aphids

Fight against aphids can begin with folk methods, but this is a long process. For example, rinse aphids with roses with a stream of water. It is better to use insecticides – chemical insecticides. Effectively aphid wins the “Calypso” from Bayer Garden. Tested on my own experience – the result is almost instant. Remember only that any spraying with chemical agents is best done in the evening.

Rosanne cicadas how to fight 

When a writer uses the word “cicada” in the description of a summer evening, it looks something like this: the Sun was quietly going over the horizon. The upper part of the sky was already getting dark, and the moon and the first stars appeared. The lower part was still red and warmed by the warmth of the departing star. And in the air there was the noise of falling water of a waterfall and the buzzing of cicadas, dragonflies … “However, cicadas are not such harmless insects. These pests are quite capable of forming both indoor and outdoor roses.

How to identify a cicadas

  • Rosanna’s cicadas – winged insect
  • Coloring at the pest roses or yellowish or whitish
  • body length of adult leaf hoppers – 3-4 mm
  • feeds on plant sap, causing leaves of roses are “marble” coloring

Fight Rosalie leaf hopper

Since roses are affected Rosanna leaf hopper in dry weather, the first task must be a hundred to prevent the appearance of this insect by spraying plants.A similar way you can avoid the appearance of many other pests of roses, such as spider mites or aphids. There are various folk recipes that help in the fight against rosaceae. There are more effective drugs with a chemical composition, and with extracts from plants with the addition of chemistry to enhance the effect. It is sometimes necessary to reuse insecticides to control the rosacaea cicadas, however about often one processing is enough. Remember only, in order to overcome the pest with its large number, you need to adopt heavy artillery and act immediately.

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