Aphrodite Hybrid Tea Rose from Tantau

The rose of the goddess’s name – Aphrodite – the rose Aphrodite from the German manufacturer Tantau will charm and will undoubtedly win its rightful place in the garden of any rosewood (unless he does not like such coloring). Why?

Specification of rose Aphrodite


Aphrodite is a variety of tea-hybrid roses from Tantau, although the flower has the shape characteristic of Vintage roses or Modern bush roses (scrubs). Gustomahrovy flower consists of at least 40 petals, forming a rosette-shaped deep bowl. Its size is on average 10-12 cm in diameter with full disclosure. In this state of the flower, the eye appears to be a bunch of golden-brown stamens. Gentle apricot-pink pastel color of fairly dense petals does not change due to the weather, just as the flower itself does not fall apart due to prolonged rain with strong gusts of wind. Resistant to botrytis – rotting flower. Medium rich aroma full of spicy notes. The charms include the long lifespan of a flower on a bush and in a vase.

 Posted by Hans Jürgen Evers. The year of registration is 2006

The Aphrodite Hybrid Tea Rose is a mid-tall rose — 60-80 cm tall — in a temperate climate, and in warmer areas its growth reaches 1.2 m. throughout the season. A healthy plant resistant to powdery mildew and black spot. In the winter, the Aphrodite rose from Tantau will require shelter.

Care about rose Aphrodite


Tantau rose Aphrodite, like all roses, loves and responds well to appropriate care. This is watering, and feeding, and loosening, and, of course, pruning. It is necessary to moisten the soil of the plant as needed, or 2 times a week for 8-10 liters of water per plant, in dry time it is done more often. It is advisable to water in the evening, so that during the night the soil is as deeply saturated with moisture. It is necessary to gradually give the plant life-giving moisture gradually – in small portions (the above-mentioned liters of water). Evening sprays, which also help to avoid aphids and spider mites and rosaceae, also have a beneficial effect on the flower.
For all varieties of roses, the access of oxygen to the root system is important. This helps to loosen the soil around the bush Aphrodite. This should be done carefully so as not to damage the young roots. Soil mulching can become an assistant — beneath it, the soil is less “clogged up” and it’s not often that we have to fight with weeds.


For planting a variety of roses Aphrodite from Tantau choose solar or penumbral (the sun should wrap the rose with its rays at least 3-4 hours) areas. They should be characterized by good water permeability and drainage (areas are not clay, drained, without stagnation of water and high groundwater), lack of winter northern and north-westerly winds, the presence of useful nutrients (organic and micro and macro elements). Almost all soil types are suitable for the cultivation of roses. Only they need to be “corrected”: remove excess acidity, alkali, add sand to heavy clay soil, and sandy peat, compost, humus. She has typical pests and diseases for roses. If she was constantly looked after, then she is excellent in resisting their raids. If this happens, use the appropriate drugs.
Pruning tea hybrid roses Aphrodite is a complex that is carried out during the growing season and during dormancy of the plant. Cut out the sick, old, excess and dead shoots, the weak are shortened. The main branches are shortened by 1 third. Old stumps are also removed. In the spring, the rose should be fed with a granulated complex fertilizer and the soil should be mulched with a layer of garden compost or well-rotted manure 5 cm.

How to use rose Aphrodite


The use of the Ataphrodite variety from Tantau in the landscape design of the plot near the house / cottage is different. It can be planted in mixborders, rabatkah, beds, borders, low hedges and container gardening. It looks great on the trunk. How to create a standard rose with your own hands, read “How to grow a standard rose, Standard roses or simply Pink trees, Graft standard roses”. Companions for plants, for example, can be catnip, lavender, geranium, sage, cuff, chistets, clematis, chamomile, yarrow, aconite, agapanthus, hyssop, ageratums … and other plants.

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