Arielle – Rose by Tantau

Among roses, the most common color is pink. Only its shades differ – some are darker, others are lighter, some have pure tones, some with an admixture of other colors. This article will discuss the salmon-pink hybrid tea from Tantau Arielle.

Specification of rose Arielle


Group – Hybrid Tea Roses
Flower size – more than 10 cm
Aroma – light
Height – from 0.9 m
Resistance to powdery mildew – above average
Resistance to black spot – above average
Cold resistance – requires shelter
Flowering – repetitive

Year of introduction to culture – 2001
Catalog name – Cosima ®, TAN05191, TANelleira

Arielle rose is a hybrid tea rose, first bred for cutting into bouquets. But, like all these plants, can grow in open ground. Her flower is large, double (17-45 petals), of classical form. Bud – pointed. On one shoot, a single flower is usually formed, but their number can increase to 5. The Tantau Arielle hybrid tea rose bush is an upright one, formed from strong, straight, straight branches. Compact.

Care about rose Arielle

Tantau Arielle Rose prefers sunny patches, with light, well-drained, beneficial soil. Soil Ph is desirable neutral, but can go 1-1.5 units in both directions. The pit for planting 2-3 year old saplings is 60 × 60 × 60 cm., Taking into account errors on the size of the horse system of the bush you bought. At the bottom of the pit should fill a hill of a mixture of soil, humus and mineral fertilizers. Next, the roots are laid out on a hill and are covered with layers of earth. Each layer is watered with warm, settled water.
Before planting, be sure to inspect the roots for injuries and diseases. If these are found, remove them with a sharp and clean pruner. For 3-4 hours, dip the rose in the solution of potassium permanganate.
Care for hybrid tea roses, including this variety Arielle, consists of watering, dressing, pruning, loosening and shelter. A healthy and strong plant is practically nothing more.
Water the Arielle rose from Tantau as needed. It all depends on the region in which you live and what temperatures prevail. But most often the regime is as follows – once a week, 10-15 liters of water per plant. The liquid is poured only into the base of the bush in small portions so that all the moisture is absorbed completely. When the dry time comes, then watering the roses can increase up to 3-4 times. In such weather it is useful to apply late evening sprays. Water for them should also be separated and warm.
Top dressing of roses is an important factor, the neglect of which is blasphemy. Their task is to form a strong and attractive plant in a season and healthy for wintering. The first dressing of the hybrid tea Arielle rose is carried out immediately after planting (if no fertilizers are given into the planting pit) and every year after opening with nitrogenous components. Subsequent feeding should contain more potassium and phosphorus (to stimulate flowering) and the latter should be carried out no later than 2-2.5 months before the transition time to the rest period (for example, on September 15 in Simferopol). Give the rose to “eat” the utility once every 2 weeks. Vitamin complexes are better absorbed when using sprays.
If you grow this rose in a container, give it a necessary “rest” – this will continue its life. At this time, fertilizing does not, rarely watered and contain at temperatures from +5 to + 10 ° C.
Since hybrid tea roses bloom on the shoots of this year, we recommend making Arielle a medium pruning. With a strong pruning, it will have larger flowers, but bloom will begin later (in cold areas near the end of June), and with light pruning, the flowers will be smaller, but will appear earlier. Loosening will provide better penetration of moisture and oxygen to the roots.
Covering the Arielle variety of roses is possible only in regions where winter temperatures do not fall below -10 ° C and there is no “festivities of the weather” – frequent thaws, followed by sharp frosts.

How to use rose Arielle

We offer you to plant the Arielle hybrid tea rose in such a composition: pointed yew “Dwarf Bright Gold”, yew medium “Hatfieldii”, yew berry varieties “Fastigiata”, rose Arielle (3 bushes), delphiniums “Daughter of winter”, “Spring snow” , “Blushing Brides” or similar, daisies, perennial, hosts with a single color and sedum. The flowerbed has an almost round shape and the wall of the house can become the background for it. Three different yew heights are the background plants. They can be put together in different ways, like all these plants. Here everything depends only on the orientation and your imagination.

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