Arleene rose by Tantau

When you want to see calm and soft colors around you, then you want peace and tranquility. Such colors of the eye are perceived and easily “assimilated”. The impulses passing from the eyes to the brain tell him that everything is fine, everything is calm, everything is smooth.

Among the roses there are many varieties that can soften the brightest flower bed. This article will tell you about the Tantau Arleene Rose, which is endowed with stately serenity.

Description of rose Arleene

Grouphybrid tea roses

Flower sizemore than 10 cm

Aroma Light

Height – from 0.9 m

Powdery mildew resistance above average

Resistance to black spotabove average

Cold resistancerequires shelter


Tea-hybrid rose Arleene from Tantau has all the classic indicators on the type of flowering, shape and size of the flower and leaves. It was bred for growing for cutting, but it has also proved itself well in the open field. But about everything in order. Introduced into culture in 2015.

arleene роза

The bud has an ovate-elongated, pointed to crown. Dense and colored at the beginning in a dark pink-crimson calm tone. This color, as the bud blooms, is partially retained only on the first lower petals of the flower. The flower itself is a densely-colored bowl formed from dense petals, painted in a pastel delicate pink color. The background for this magnificence is dark green, dense and large, brilliant foliage.

Care about rose Arleene

Rose Arleene from Tantau, like all roses, loves and responds well to appropriate care. This is watering, and feeding, and loosening, and, of course, pruning. It is necessary to moisten the soil of the plant as needed, or 2 times a week for 8-10 liters of water per plant, in dry time it is done more often. It is advisable to water in the evening, so that during the night the soil is as deeply saturated with moisture. It is necessary to gradually give the plant life-giving moisture gradually – in small portions (the above-mentioned liters of water). Evening sprays, which also help to avoid aphids and spider mites and rosaceae, also have a beneficial effect on the flower.


Top-dressings with minerals, vitamins and organic make the plant more resistant against diseases, pests and cold. If you do not feed tea-hybrid rose Arleene from Tantau at least once every two weeks, then during the growing season the plant will not “give out all its charms with a bang” in the amount in which it can, but half as much. In winter, a weak rose is prone to frostbite, not only the upper part, but also the root system. From this it follows that there is a risk of losing half, if not the whole rose. To fertilize the soil of a plant you can pour out granules of complex top dressings around the plant, or dilute them in water and alternate with irrigations. Vitamins are best given by spraying. Apply only well rotted organic matter. As an option, this is a mulch backing from a mixture of manure and soil (1: 2). In this case, with each watering a fresh portion of useful substances “comes up” to the plant.

Pruning varieties of roses Arleene held in spring, summer and winter, after it leaves completely in a dormant period. Spring pruning is done for “stripping” the plants: parts damaged during the winter are cut out. In summer, the main purpose of pruning is to remove the flowers that have faded away. The main pruning is wintering, which includes removing all sick, damaged and old shoots, shortening the remaining primary ones (in this variety of roses, 1/3 of the shoots are left or shorter – it all depends on the growing region). We must also remember that this rose belongs to the group of hybrid tea roses and Arleene blooms on new shoots every year. Another important aspect that is often forgotten is that the shorter the rose is cut, the later it will bloom, although the flowers will be larger. And yet, the fewer future buds remain on the trimmed stem, the less new shoots will be formed next season.

Use of rose Arleene

Besides the fact that the Arleene rose from Tantau is grown for cutting, French and Italian garden styles are perfect for her. It is an excellent mitigating factor for the camp near the Gothic structures, stone walls. By coloring with it I will be in harmony with purple, blue, red, burgundy or white flowers. For example, bells, delphiniums, roses, hosts … If you have the opportunity, we suggest creating such a composition – the background for the rose will be a trimmed box up to 1 m high, in front of it are Arleene hybrid tea bushes and delphiniums (which colors you choose) and in the foreground are pompons from the host. Such a composition can be complemented by your choice or light sculptures in the French style, or plants in containers in the Mediterranean theme, which will allow the composition to go into Italian style.

Enjoy your growing!

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