Garden – a place to relax its owner. Garden – a place for the gardener to work. The garden is a place of games for children. And so you can continue for a long time. Everyone wants to use the garden the way he likes. And in what style the garden is created, and how it is tripled, and what plants are selected for the landscape design – you choose everything. But there is a garden that the owners change when they like. This style is a garden game. It is changeable, like weather, like a child’s mood and behaves the same.

People build, pour, cut, glue, paint whatever they want. The garden also did not bypass such a plan of “hotkey”. Why not play the garden? A regular garden is growing, beautiful. The eye rejoices. But his hands itch something to change in him. Not just plant a new plant, but take advantage of something new. And if you don’t like it, just put it in the pantry. It was then that landscape designers came up with a game of garden. Initially, they took the regular landscaping of the garden as a basis. Further, his appearance was changed with the help of heterogeneous devices, structures, structures, materials. The game of the garden is not a new phenomenon in landscape design, but its popularity has only increased recently.

How to apply “garden play” style in landscape design? We give the simplest example. So, we are waiting for the visit of a loved one. We take clay pots, arrange them along the path, turn them over. We set it so that the light of candles is visible. Inside we put candles or cover them with existing lamps, on one side of the path. On the contrary, in the same pots, we “plant” bows on dry branches. We repaint the design blue with washable water and paint that is safe for plants. Between the neighboring trees we stretch an impromptu awning made of fabric, under which we put a table for two. Around the beautiful lawn we randomly arrange colorful rubber balls. Such a move will add games not just to the kind of garden, but you can play with them. The area around the table is decorated with trees in tubs. Another couple of lamps on the trees and an impromptu living room is ready to meet a loved one. The main thing is that after the holiday all the decorations can be returned to their places and the garden will return to its usual form. Another plus of the game garden is that you don’t need to be a professional landscape designer to change the game style of the garden.

Wedding, birthday, business meeting – the reasons why the garden repeatedly changes its appearance. Accordingly, decorators resort to materials, objects, consonant, with the idea of ​​the upcoming holiday. The main thing in all this is knowledge of the symbolism of the holiday.

Interesting things that help turn an art garden into a game:

  • washable paints for painting everything you see (grass, trees, paths, walls, etc.);
  • various containers of all shapes, colors, and materials (buckets, basins, barrels, tanks, etc. ., round, square, yellow, flowered and transparent, made of plastic, glass, wood, etc.)
  • Chairs, tables, benches, etc.
  • Toys
  • And everything else. In general, what your darlingonly wishes

Council. Use the “little things” so that it does not seem to others that they got into the room with trash.

Key Features of the game in theGarden:

  • Each style garden can be transformed into the game
  • after the end of the garden understands
  • Using space for different games at the same time (the garden is divided into parts and each of them is responsible for one point in the game or each game separately)
  • Application of dissimilar materials
  • The ability to modify the garden for a short time and for different ideas of
  • course, in the game are important participants, otherwise it’s just an empty stage

So, briefly explaining the example of the style and highlight the characteristics of “the game in the garden”, we show you what decoration this art garden feasible for everyone. The garden can be regular, but when you need to, change for a while with your own help. Garden festivals and exhibitions are a kind of game in the landscape design of the garden, where smaller gardens are formed on a large plot, which then will be replaced by others.

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