More and more important is the issue of preserving the environment. And architects and landscape designers are people whose task is to preserve it, as well as to help people create their own little paradise. And they quite successfully carry out these tasks through the so-called “green” projects. And by the way, for over 40 years. For example, in 1974, an order was designed by Arthur Quormby, the Underhill House in England.

Underhill House фото

A house on a hill (England)

Or another example: in 1993 in Switzerland, a whole group of houses, Nine Houses, was built in Dietikon by Peter Wetsch. It is very difficult to distinguish where the landscape design of the site ends and where the houses begin, from a bird’s eye view. 

Earth House Estate Lattenstrasse фото

Earth House Estate Lattenstrasse (Nine Houses, Switzerland)

An art garden and green architecture are concepts that, when implemented, absorb one another. A garden is living plants, fauna. While the house is built from the most natural materials. It happens that the building is designed so that the garden becomes an integral part of it. And the brightest demonstration of “green architecture” is expressed more like through private homes. The soul of such a “green” harmony of home and landscape is perfectly shown by the Brunsell Residence in the USA.

brunsell residence фото

Brunsell residence (Brunsell residence) I

must say that the “green architecture” is applicable to apartment buildings. A colorful example is the Hundertwasser House building in Vienna (Austria). It is a little unusual, but it impresses with the brightness of the facade and the roundness of the walls; as well as trees, shrubs, flowers and herbs on the roofs, balconies and walls. 

Hundertwasserhaus фото

Hundertwasser House (Germany)

Characteristic features of an art garden and a house in the style of green architecture: The

  • house is designed for the natural landscape that surrounds it
  • . Plants typical for the local climate are used. The
  • house often “grows” out of the ground. The
  • influence of painting, sculpture and decorative applied art

It is quite possible to implement an art garden “green architecture” on an already existing, finished building. You just need to add the texture of the natural landscape. Walk around and see for yourself the design of your green garden. Nature itself will tell you the perfect landscape design of your site. Just remember one very important rule: the house and garden should merge into one whole with the environment. And only then will the art garden and green architecture become unity.

It is difficult to explain and clearly define the concepts of an art garden and green architecture. Only a demonstration of finished projects can help with this.

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