The main link in the landscape design of the art garden in the artifact style is man. He is the center, whose eyes and thoughts understand the garden. He sees it at different times of the day and observes the play of light, color and shadow on materials, plants. Also, the garden artifact changes in winter, spring, summer and autumn, and only a person is able to invest or understand his secret. We would very much like to explain the concept of “garden artifact” to you in simple words, we can not do without the word “secret”, which is transmitted in this garden through “artifacts”. Everyone knows Stonehenge – and what its function cannot be clearly defined.

  An artifact is

  1.  An object made or crafted by a person (primitive spears, ancient utensils, jade Buddha, dissimilar crafts, etc.) A
  2. fake thing, a fake (fake coins, paintings, etc.)
  3. What sometimes arises when exploring natural, natural objects due to the influence of the research conditions themselves (a collapse in the cave – they picked it somewhere, but found “Wow!” or, a gas explosion, a stream from nowhere …)

Each of these definitions can become the main guide of the garden in the style of art garden artifact. Every style of art garden is a scene. Its components can be both plants and unusual objects. Only an artifact-style garden differs from other gardens with the prefix “art” in what riddles were hidden by its creator, and the viewer needs to understand how they were transmitted.

 To save you from the philosophy of “what is a garden artifact?”, We give the main characteristic features of this style.

  • In landscape design, sculptures and compositions that have a secret essence are used, are ancient symbols in the literal and figurative sense.
  • Repeatedly when creating a garden landscape design in the garden-artifact style, the play of light and color becomes the main line. They help to convey mirrors, colored glass or similar materials to this game.
  • In the garden, they resort to the help of flowerbeds, garden chairs, terraces, secret places, mixborders, etc.
  • Plants are chosen so that they are not only decoration of the garden, but require a minimum of attention in terms of care .
  • Often, a characteristic feature from other areas in the landscape design of gardens becomes part of the garden.
  • The main rule is that there should be no more than 2-3 main artifacts-accents, otherwise the garden will turn into a set of antiquities and obscurity. In addition, they are united by one thought.
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Mirror system 

A focus group in artifact gardens is always a play of light, color and shadow. The landscape designer calculates in detail the view of the garden day and night, at every time of the year. The center of attention for him is their game in places with riddles. For example, a two-sided discount is planted, at the end of which a large mirror is installed. To enhance the effect, water flows down it. The plants in the rabota are mainly cereal, with a silvery sheen on the foliage. Bright spots are replaced by flowers from time to time. Weeping tree forms grow on the outside of the rabatok. There is also artificial lighting. It works to increase the influence of secrecy. When a person stands opposite, he sees himself through streams of water, somewhere on the other side of the mirror. The secret meaning of such a statement lies in time and water. The mirror serves as a transmission source for the mirror. You know, there is such a saying “time as water.” So, a man stands and thinks about his life. What kind of thoughts he has, good or bad, depends on the weather, the time of day, and the time of year.

In another embodiment, you can use multi-colored polycarbonate and build entire mazes in the garden, ending with a place to relax, a playground or access to the forest, for example. In this way, a change in the color and tone saturation of light rays through polycarbonate, the shadows of plants on it is transmitted. In the first case, the landscaping of the garden artifact acts on a person as a compulsion to think about his life (not a physicist-scientist), and in the second – on the secret of the physical origin of light and its transmission through plastic (thoughts of a physicist).

Of course, a stylish artifact garden can be planted only from plants, using only their meanings or planting flower beds in the shape of certain symbols (for example, zodiac signs). For the first case, select the desired sign, pick up flowers, bushes, trees and grass. Next, transfer the plan to a plot allocated under a flower bed or other form, and plant greenery.

By the way! The secret may also contain a composition of plants.

Artifacts are whole systems of mirrors or colored glass, all kinds of sculptures, green sculptures (from plants).

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