Best places for planting roses

«Oh, rose, my rose … Where I must to plant you that everybody see your beautiful…»

It isn’t quote from novel it is only some words of grandma living beside. But she by a long time look after the place what was be the best for her «beautiful». And she finding the ideal place for rose, and planted her apricot rose, that shrub we can see from afar. So, where to plant roses? You can to plant shrubs of roses anywhere. But sault at that that the place mast be comfortable for plants – without drafts and be sunny place.

Important! For north direction selectionner breeding sorts of roses which there feel comfortable. Others roses better grow by the east, west, south sides.

You can plant roses on the flowerbed, roses can drape trellis, tree or wall, you can plant roses in greenhouse, or separately growing one plant. That plant can be a part of rock garden or room, become the hedge or came down from the balcony of 5-th floor (if it growing as container plant).

On the flowerbed

  • розы на клумбе фотоRoses grow up along the edge of the track by one row. More best looks standard or weeping forms of roses. Among them you can grow small plants. If you want to have a border take sorts of miniature or patio roses.
  • You can plant the roses of several sorts, but don’t overdo with because you will risk to get a mega coloring flowering carpet. Mixing the plants at one color gamma or playing with contrasts.
  • If you planning dense planting of plants then pick up plants that didn’t take away from one to the another the useful materials. For example, crocuses, snowdrops, primulas, iberis, ageratum, violas, aubrieta, phloxes and arabis.
  • Use big sorts of roses for big flowerbed and small roses for small flowerbed.
  • If you want to will enjoy beautiful rose`s flower from close distances plant the sorts of rose with flower like on tea hybrid roses, if need look at beauty from afar then you can growing the floribunda rose.
For the rock garden use the miniature roses.


  • High hedge shape doing from high shrubs of roses, climbing or rambling roses. For example, sorts Canary Bird, China Town, Cornelia, Mountbatten, Penelope, Queen Elizabeth, Rosa Rugosa Alba, Rosaraie De L’Hay…Medium height
  • Medium height of hedge create from roses of groups floribunda, tea hybrid or compact shrub roses. The best will when you plant your roses in one or two lines with smallest displacement.
  • For small height of hedge get the sorts of miniature or patio roses and dwarf variety of floribunda roses.

Container rosesмного роз в контейнерах фото

  • Usually for container roses choosing moderate sorts of roses because normal growth of root system is limited by the wall of the pot. But if you want to plant the big rose in container then take a big pot.
  • Roses in pots surely need in watering day by day.
  • In winter container roses keeping in a cool place.

Landing near supports

  • Fence
  • Trellisрозы на изгороди фото
  • Tripod
  • Perch
  • Ark
  • Pergola
  • Wall
  • Tree
  • Column
  • Pavilion…

Sorts of roses – Aloha, Altissimo, Alberic Barbier, Albertine, Bantry Bay, Bricath of Life, Compassion, Crimson Shower, Cecile Bruner Climbing, Casino, Danse Du Feu, Handel, Kiftsgate, Mermaid, Royal Gold, Seagull, Emily Gray, Veilchenblau etc.

In green house

You can plant for examples these roses in greenery – Baccara, Alec’s Red, Allgold, Amber Queen, Baby Bio, Beautiful Britain, Double Delight, Fragrant Dream, Ginger Nut, Grandpa Dickson,   Iceberg, Korresia, National Trust, Pascali, Red Devil, Whisky Mac etc.

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