Caring for room roses in summer

In summer, in residential premises it is stuffy, and this slows the development and flowering of roses. The amount of sunlight that falls in the window, very quickly decreases as you move deeper into the room. The third row of pots with indoor plants receives significantly less light than the first. In addition, plants obscure each other.

If there is no possibility to take out plants in summer in a garden or on a balcony, they should be moved as close as possible to the window glass or exposed to the external window sill. In this case, you can get from the indoor roses luxurious flowering. Room roses begin to bloom from the end of February – early March, when roses in the ground on the street are still at rest. First, Bengal roses blossom, then tea-hybrid, and from April flowering and rose roses. Next, the polyanthus beauties unfold.

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The beginning of summer is a joyful time for lovers of indoor roses. With proper care, the flowers of the summer period are larger, more fragrant and more luxurious than the spring. Properly taking care of the plants, you will observe such a lush bloom until mid-September. In the summer, care of the room roses consists in watering, spraying, dressing and removing faded flowers. For the last action, use a sharp pruner or knife, and cut the flower stalk to the first formed leaf bud. It is necessary to monitor the condition of the plants so that they do not overheat, and do not dry out with an earthen lump. Also it is necessary to notice signs of the appearance of diseases and pests on time.

With a large number of buds on roses, you need to feed the plants no more than once a week, and the pots themselves hide from direct rays of the sun. Roses also need a sufficient amount of fresh air and moisture for the roots. If there is a need, then the plants are over. It is not difficult to understand this – the roots start to come out of the drainage hole. A transshipment is a less traumatic way to move the plant from a close pot to a more spacious one.

If you keep roses in pots in the sun, you risk getting small and not showy flowers when blooming. However, the presence of roses in cool places will make them more attractive: large flowers and leaves will last longer on the bush. It is also important that the bushes are not lopsided. For this, periodically rotate the pots with plants to evenly illuminate the bush. In a rainy summer season, pots with plants should be hidden in drier places, otherwise you risk at least “drown” plants.

At the end of the summer, room roses are slowly starting to prepare for moving to the premises. To begin with, the amount of water for irrigation is gradually reduced, and fertilizers are stopped. Plants that blossom blossom, these training measures will only concern when they stop blooming abundantly. Although you can control this process yourself by introducing plants early in the shaded areas and reducing irrigation and fertilizers. But do not. Keep all the conditions of care for them as in the summer. Also at the end of September roses begin to be switched to room mode. Roses, which spent the whole summer on the street, when switching to this mode, they begin to fall leaves. The same plants that were kept in rooms will drop the leaves a little later. In September, you also need to purchase rose care products and soil for them!

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