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The variety of colors of flowers is so colossal that only an artist’s brush or a master of the poetic genre can describe each separately. In this article, you will learn what color symbolism is when arranging a composition.

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The main (primary) colors are red, blue and yellow. Compound (secondary) colors are orange, green and purple. And mixed ones are obtained by mixing colors with each other or with achromatic colors

  • White is a pure neutral color that symbolizes purity, innocence and chastity
  • Black is a neutral color, and symbolizes sadness, mourning, as well as elegance.
  • Violet color symbolizes greatness, luxury and dignity. This is the color of celebration.
  • Blue is considered a cold and sad color, and he claims fidelity, longing and trust.
  • Blue – classified as cold and clear color. And in symbolism, it means heaven, purity, fidelity, tenderness and infinity.
  • Green in symbolism means fertility, peace, birth, of course, peace, and also connection and balance.
  • Green-yellow – the color of cold and inaccessibility, jealousy, betrayal, lies and anger.
  • Yellow is actually the color of the sun, warmth and joy, and it is also life-affirming, although some yellow flowers mean something completely different, so you need to be careful when drawing up a bouquet.
  • Orange is a cheerful and warm color that means sun, vanity and power.
  • Red is the most popular among flowers. It is the color of action and excitement. The most common meanings of red are life, love, passion, fire and freedom.
  • The color pink is affectionate and light. He is a symbol of tenderness and warm heart feelings.
  • Gray is a symbol of nebula, poverty and poverty.

The symbolic meanings of colors evoke a variety of emotional reactions in people. In this regard, subjective factors play an important role here. Such an attitude – positive or negative – depends on the person’s age, his life experience, profession, education, on what traditions he grew up and lives, and more.

And, nevertheless, a large number of symbolic meanings of colors today are common to many peoples. For example, red flowers express a sincere arrangement, while pink flowers are considered neutral, and are appropriate in any festive setting. It is customary for a girl to give either red or pink unopened roses. Older women are given any noble flowers, mostly in pastel, calm tones. On long stems and the same color they give flowers to men. Bouquets of faintly smelling flowers are brought to the hospital.

Thus, the right color symbolism chosen will help you to give an appropriate bouquet of flowers to your friends and relatives.

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