Look around. What do you see? It doesn’t matter what time of year, day or night, the street and the room. You will say that you are surrounded by various kinds of objects. And after I ask you to describe them, I’ll hear that the sky is blue, the grass is green and the water is cold. Take a look again. Have you looked around? So what? All kinds of colors surround us. Which ones are perfectly matched? God’s color schemes are the most correct. The color of the bark of a tree is ideally suited to the color of its foliage, and the butterfly, sitting on a flower, constantly makes a person take an example in the color scheme of the interior, textiles. If you have been to Egypt, then you will definitely tell about the perfect combination of ancient pyramids and the color of the sky at sunset.

The science of color teaches us to mix colors correctly. It is based on the physical characteristics of light and color.

I will not describe all the ways to apply color. Just in a row I’ll type the words and you yourself will understand everything. Presentation, advertising, psychology, hairdresser,


makeup, nails, painting, car, design, architecture, perfumery, stained glass, interior, textiles, image, style, etc. The list of words can become infinite, and each person can continue or correct it in his own way.

I will not go deep into history and try to explain why the Incas and the Vikings dressed like that. If you try to compare these two peoples, then the color schemes in clothes are the opposite. The Indians lived in places full of colors, and the Viking barbarians were surrounded by the water of cold seas, short days and snow. They used natural colors and their natural combination.

We have the opportunity to use color – systematic information about color and light. A modern psychologist, using a picture drawn by a child, can talk about the problems of the baby. The designer can choose a harmonious combination of textiles on windows and kitchen units and walls. A good hairdresser will choose the hair color that perfectly suits the client. What about advertising? Yes, she absolutely can not do without color!

Learn color and you will fall in love with it. She is so interesting and gives many opportunities to realize herself. Believe me, its use will help get rid of boredom, anger and minor mood.

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