In previous articles you received information about the harmonious and timely pruning of various groups of roses. Basically it consists in creating the simplest conditions for a plant to develop, grow and bloom. And this way of caring for the flower, which helps not to be infected and not to spread the disease.

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We conditionally divided climbing roses into several groups. To the conditional third group we assign multicolored roses that bloom on the young branches of the current year. Usually, these are hybrid tea roses or floribunda groups that have mutated from bushy to curly. From this it follows that the flowers, in form and mode of flowering, will be classical hybrid tea collected in one inflorescence. Most of the “beauties” bloom again, but among them there are those that bloom only once per season.

If you bought such a climbing rose, then we advise you to “let it” on the wall, fence or pergola. It drapes them perfectly thanks to its long and flexible stalks. And now let us tell you how the trimming of climbing roses is done correctly.

First year pruning

Before planting a seedling of a climbing rose, it is necessary to cut the roots a bit and completely cut out the damaged tops of the shoots and weak growth. If you overdo it, you can cause the plant to return to its original form, and instead of curly beauty, get a bush.

Important! Form a skeleton of powerful and evenly spaced branches – young shoots are mostly formed on them, but the root growth appears rarely. It is necessary to start horizontal or oblique formation as early as possible so that the lower part of the rose is not without flowers.

In the summer, as the plant grows, it is necessary to tie up young skeletal branches. Do not forget about summer pruning: remove the flowering inflorescences and crown thickening shoots.

Second and next years

Trimming climbing roses is aimed at maintaining the size of the plant within the space set aside for them. Because then all you will do is use the summer pruning method. However, in late autumn or winter, before the plant begins to grow, it is necessary to remove diseased, dead and weak stems.

Be sure to shorten faded side branches for 3-4 buds or up to 15 cm from their base. In plants with a decent age, it is useful to almost completely cut off weak and weakened shoots, leaving short hemp. By doing so, you will stimulate the formation of one or two strong basal processes.

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