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Dear gardener, we want to draw your attention to the English rose DARCEY BUSSELL. In 2013 she was recognized as the best bush rose for the version of Chauncey Beadle, USA. And it is named after the famous ballerina Darcy Bassel, the prima of the Royal Ballet Covent Garden.

GroupEnglish roses

SubgroupEnglish hybrids of Old roses

Aromalight, fruity

Shape bush

Colordark red

Type of floweringrepetitive

Distribution 0,9 m

Resistance to powdery mildewhigh

Resistance to black spothigh

Winter hardinesshigh

SelectorD. Austin

Catalog name –  AUSDECORUM

Year of introduction to culture2006

Rose DARCEY BUSSELL treat small English roses. Its height can slightly exceed 1 m, and the diameter of the bush is no more than 60-80 cm. It feels fine in the sun and in the penumbra. The branches are erect and end with small flowering brushes. Foliage of pure green color, semi-glossy, there are thorns. This Austin`s rose grows rapidly and forms a thick bush.

The flower of the English rose DARCEY BUSSELL consists of an average of 40 – 80 petals. They forming a dense rosette in the style of old garden roses. When the flower is open completely you can see a shock of golden yellow stamens. Dark red color over time acquires a lilac coating. The flower on the bright sun will be lighten. The average diameter of the flower is 10 cm.

Healthy rose DARCEY BUSSELL will be resist disease as powdery mildew, black spot, rose rust etc. Typical pests as aphids, mites, rosehoppers, sawflies can scathe the rose.

Propagated by cuttings and division of a bush.


  • bush of DARCEY BUSSELL

    bush of DARCEY BUSSELL

    Soil is desirable usefu lblack earth, but the variety of English roses DARCEY BUSSELL will grow on loam. The only thing you need to do with such a soil is to enrich it with a useful compost, with the manure reparted, complex mineral fertilizer before planting the rose. This rose grows in the sun and in the penumbra. Also such a site should be located outside the zone of high groundwater so as not to provoke the rotting of the root system in the plant. To ensure that the water in the plot with the rose does not stagnate, it is necessary to make drainage. In order for it to winter well and not to freeze, the site can not be blown in the winter by north and north-west winds.

  • Planting a groundcover rose is carried out on a raised platform.
  • To water a rose DARCEY BUSSELL should be under the basis of a plant. Do this as needed, but at least 2 times a week. On 1 plant will need up to 10 liters of warm water. In arid times, watering is carried out more often, even every day, if required. At this time, the plant responds positively to the evening spraying, which also helps to prevent the appearance of pests.
  • That the rose remained healthy and strong, it is fed. Now on sale there are already specially designed for these plants complexes. They are given 2 times a month. In addition, it is important to give the flower vitamins through spraying – so they are absorbed faster by the rose. It is advisable to spend it in the evening windless hours and the rose should be completely wet. If you do not encourage ready-made shop preparations, you can use folk infusions and decoctions, as in the case of fertilizers.
  • Mulch the soil under the rose – moisture is retained and most of the weeds.
  • Loosen and weed is an opportunity to get oxygen and build up the root system.
  • In the first year after planting, the plants shorten all healthy shoots and remove all the diseased. In order to maximize the flowering of roses, it is formed strictly vertically. Further, the pruning of such roses is reduced to forming a plant.



rose DARCEY BUSSELL in pot

The rose, described above, is suitable for growing in open and closed ground. DARCEY BUSSELL is an English bush rose with the widest possible use in the landscape design of the site. Flowerbeds, curbs, tapeworms, mixborders or other flower-and-wood plantations, where this rose can grow both alone and in the neighborhood with other plants. Such neighbors, for example, can be bells, lavender, roses, crocosmia, nepeta, cuff, sage, decorative onions, mallow, stock-rose, gladioli etc.

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