Description and varieties of tea-hybrid roses

This kind of roses was the result of crossing the repair roses with tea. From the first they were passed the frequency of flowering, and from the second – a delicate pleasant aroma. Somewhere 150 years ago, the French breeder Guillot received the first official tea-hybrid rose, which he named La France. At first she did not cause much interest. But at the beginning of the XX century, many varieties of this type were obtained – the popularity and title of the queen came. Now tea-hybrid roses are the most popular among other kinds of roses, and they are very often used in decorating landscapes, and are also grown for sale.

Description tea-hybrid roses

Hybrid Tea – tea-hybrid roses whose description can be found on the Internet, these are bushes with a height of 0.4 m to 1, 2 m or more. Spikes on their shoots are rare. On young shoots, they are initially reddish, even transparent. The bark on the shoots from the sunny side is reddish, like the young leaves on the underside, and the top is shiny and covered with a wax coating, however, they differ in different varieties: some varieties are tender, others have thick ones, others have leathery matt or shine, etc.

Flowers of tea-hybrid roses have a very rich palette of petals: from monochrome – red, white, yellow to multicolor. For example, the middle of the flower is almost white, slightly lemon, the middle is richly yellow, and the edges of the petal are black and red. But the back side is ashen-white. In this case, the number of petals in a flower can vary from 20 to 70, and in some cases even more. It should be noted that tea-hybrid roses bloom much longer than repair, sometimes even continuously, almost to the very early days throughout the summer. These roses are fairly winter-hardy, they tolerate short-term frosts to -10 ° C and, in comparison with tea and remontant roses, they are more resistant to fungal diseases and powdery mildew. Modern varieties of tea-hybrid roses differ from old varieties, in which only one flower was formed on the stem. Now on the roses of this group, brushes can be formed. Their characteristics differ from tea-hybrid roses, although they are similar in appearance, so a new name for grandiflora or a large-flowered rose appeared.

Hybrid tea roses description of some varieties

Ave Maria – salmon-pink with strong aroma and high winter hardiness

Ave Maria

Adolf Horstmann – bright golden yellow with an orange tinge with medium aroma and high winter hardiness.

Alex Red – cherry red, on the back side slightly lighter with medium aroma and high winter hardiness.

Alsmer Gold – thick yellow with a light red coating on the edges, slightly smelling.

Angelica – salmon-orange with high winter hardiness and a delicate aroma.

Argental is pure white with a strong aroma and high winter hardiness.


Brandenburg – dark salmon with a weak aroma, but high winter hardiness.

John f. Kennedy is white, with a high winter hardiness and a delicate aroma.

Duftvolke – coral red to geranium red with high winter hardiness and medium-pronounced aroma.

Karina – satin-pink faintly smelling, but frost-hardy.


Lady X – pinkish-lilac, winter-hardy, but faintly smelling.

Sisi – lilac with a strong aroma and winter hardiness.


Mercedes – alo-red, winter hardy with a weak aroma.

Oklahoma – dark red, winter-hardy and pleasant medium smell.

Per Gynt – yellow, faintly smelling, but winter-hardy.

Rose Gojar – cherry red, from the bottom of the pale pink and silvery-white, with a weak aroma, but very high winter hardiness.

Flamingo – delicate pink with a faint aroma.

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