Due to the active growth of megalopolises, the question more often arises of their landscaping. Buildings are growing by leaps and bounds, and the green spaces are retreating. But there are cities around which there are almost no trees left. This problem has long been bothering people. And they started to deal with her decision back in the 70s of the last century. In 1974, at the UN International Energy Conference, the following idea was voiced: the quality of our environment directly affects the quality of our lives, and architecture and construction should be developed on the basis of the spiritual and material needs of people. So the garden – part of the engineering systems began its crusade on glass and concrete.

The art garden as part of engineering systems is a coexistence of the house and the garden, which are mutually beneficial in contrast to the “green architecture” art garden, the idea of ​​which is spiritual unity. The garden in this case exists not only as an aesthetic pleasure, but also works as a thermal insulation. He is also a direct participant in the wastewater treatment process, part of the ventilation system. A striking representative of the symbiosis of the garden and the building is manifested in the design of the Commerzbank building in the German city of Frankfurt. The local gardens are designed not only for employees to relax, but also for natural ventilation systems.

Such art gardens in buildings directly show how you can use the latest scientific and technical developments in landscape design and not lose touch with nature. Once again vividly demonstrates the mutual coexistence of the Adam Joseph Lewis Center in Oberlin in the United States. Its feature was the garden with the Living Machine sewage treatment plant. 

 Центр Адама Джозефа Льюиса фото

Adam Joseph Lewis Center, Oberlin, Ohio, USA

From History. Even in antiquity, courtyards arranged for people worked in the courtyards. For example, the patio is the most striking ancient example. Now it turns out the same, only under the roof. Plants should not only be inside the building, but also grow outside. After all, this is our little paradise, which improves the quality of our home. The art garden is part of the engineering systems and provides for the construction of a reservoir, for example, to collect rainwater or just relax. And if you install a water treatment system, the house will have its own water supply. In principle, a closed cycle is obtained, in which the garden works for the home, while both environmental friendliness and profitability are manifested. 

All the plants in the garden used in the engineering systems of the building not only improve hygienic and aesthetic conditions, but can also yield crops. A properly planned ecological house allows its inhabitants to engage in crop production not only in the house, but also outside it. For example, a greenhouse and a winter garden are attached to the house, or other special bio-cultivation plants for year-round cultivation of vegetables, algae, etc. 

The principle of using the garden in landscape design as part of engineering systems shows that the garden is now not only a decoration and a place to relax, but also has direct practical use. The tasks of such an art garden are to improve the ecology of the house, create comfortable conditions for human life and work, and improve the quality of life itself. Only such a garden requires a rather large cost, both financial and mental. But then this art garden engineering system works completely for a person.

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