Fighting pests of indoor roses: spider mite, powdery mildew, aphids

If you keep a rose in the house, then prepare yourself for the fact that it can be affected by various pests. You will have to fight with spider mites, aphids, powdery mildew.

It is almost impossible to prevent the appearance of a spider mite. It is a lot in the autumn-winter period, when the rooms are dry air. The simplest measure of fighting this pest will be a constant spraying of water on the plant. This parasite does not like high humidity. If it does appear, try washing the plant with warm water and soap. But soap should not contain oxidizing agents. When using such a control measure, the mite will not be completely destroyed, but it is quite possible to significantly reduce its number.

Spider mite

He is afraid of ultraviolet and other natural conditions, he is hiding from the sunlight from the back of the leaves. If you have the opportunity, apply ultraviolet 1-2 minute baths. This technique also copes well with the pest. In addition, such baths favorably affect the plants.


Spider mite

To completely exterminate the spider mite, special chemical preparations must be used, which can be bought in garden centers. Another method of killing a mite is to rub the leaves with 96% alcohol. Do not dilute alcohol in any way, as it should evaporate. If you dilute the alcohol, it will evaporate longer, and this can cause burns.

In a week it is necessary to repeat the treatment of plants for prevention, and to inspect them for the appearance of pests. It is much easier to deal with them at the first appearance and not allow their new offensive.

Powdery mildew

This is a scourge of roses. Every gardener at least once met with this opponent. The cause of the appearance of white plaque is the fungus Spheroteca pannosa. He strongly exhausts the rose and brings it to death. The diseased plants first swell on the surface of the leaf of the tubercle, and then a velvety white spore brush appears. If the mycelium penetrated the inside of the leaf, the surface treatment would be too small.

мучнистая роса на розе

The affected plant should be washed with a solution of soda: 2 teaspoons of soda per 1 liter of water, or pollinated with ground sulfur. When treating with soda, then continue to treat only with the same soda. When processing the plant, you must first close the earth in a pot. Leaves of a large bush carefully diluted with a solution of soda, and small bushes rinse well after completely immersing them in a container with a solution. Treatment of the plant is carried out until the disease completely disappears with an interval of two weeks. When yellowing and falling leaves during the treatment do not need to panic. This is a natural phenomenon: leaves eaten by powdery mildew should fall off. Do not be afraid, because in the axils of the leaves of the rose there are alive buds, from which later new leaves will appear.

The second method of combating flower pests, may be the pollination of roses in gray. This treatment should be carried out at + 18 ° C. To do this, the sick roses are placed in a small glasshouse with glass frames. The earth in the pot and the space between them are covered with wet rags. After that, the flowers are well watered and sprinkled with clean water. The plants themselves are powdered with ground sulfur, as well as wet rags and the inside of the frames of the greenhouse. Two-time processing by this method can be quite enough. The interval between sulfur pollination should be at least 10 days.

Aphids on flowers

tla na cvetah

Aphids on flowers

There are different colors: black, green and even reddish. This parasite settles on young tender parts of the plant – shoots, buds and flowers. As a rule, suck the plant juice, causing deformation of leaves and peduncles. Through it often do not open buds, young plants grow weak, slows down the overall development of the rose. There are many ways to combat this parasite. For example, preparations “Inta-vir”, “Karate”, tinctures of garlic or onion husks, soap and wormwood …

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