Flowered balcony

A megacity with the speed of a rocket speeds life forward and sometimes does not even leave a moment of time for the beautiful. The only thing that remains is to go out to the balcony and enjoy the sunrise with a cup of coffee in hand. And in order to make it even more pleasant, we suggest decorating the balcony with flowering compositions.

  • To get a lawn, instead of a tile, you can cover the floor of the balcony with grass imitation. Such coatings are sold in all construction supermarkets. Adding a few flat stones, get a garden path.

  • To create a constantly blooming balcony, install wherever possible and as much as possible all kinds of containers with plants outside of it.
  • Balcony can be not only flowering. Grow with pleasure and vegetables, salads, spicy herbs.
  • On a small balcony should fit a small table and two chairs so that they can have coffee or tea. This applies to large balconies (but at your discretion) – put more greenery and get a green paradise.
  • Climbing plants will help to add space, the branches of which will be placed on a trellis-lattice taken out of the balcony. Creating a flowered balcony so you can get more space. The only thing to remember is that hinged grilles are fastened tightly to the base wall.
  • To decorate the balcony of an apartment or house it is not necessary to buy new shelves – use what you have at hand. Old or unnecessary furniture, boxes, pallets can be an excellent recyclable to improve the paradise outside the window.
  • To make the creation of a flourishing one complete, add all sorts of figurines, lanterns, candlesticks and, of course, pictures. It can be not only “pure” these products, but their combination with a flower pot.
  • Your electric balcony will complete your blossoming apartment balcony. It all depends on your wishes – the market is full of a wide variety of lamps, lamps and chandeliers.

These few points should help you step by step to create your blooming balcony quickly and beautifully. You definitely get a unique design. Of course, you can ask the pros to help, but there will not be the pleasure that you get during the creation with your own hands.

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