The modern garden in landscape design is becoming more popular. What’s the secret? Firstly, such a garden is almost always easy to maintain. Secondly, they arrange an art garden, starting from the surrounding landscape. Thirdly, you can use even those materials that are lying right under your feet. However, among them there is a very bold and unusual style. This is a garden installation.

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Bruce Monro Water Lily Leaves Made from Discs

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Lea Turto flower beds made of plastic utensils

Garden installation in the art of landscape design is not an innovation. In private gardens, this style is rare due to its extravagance. But not a single garden festival is complete without installations. They are extraordinary and therefore are the emphasis on such exhibitions. If you are a brave person and do not respond to criticism, then we bring to your attention the main characteristics of the garden installation.

  • Garden installation is always formed with the motto. For example, at exhibitions, these gardens promote environmental protection.
  • An ordinary bicycle wheel in such a garden becomes an art object. Landscape designers repeatedly turn to household items – spoons, forks, shovels, etc.
  • In addition to household items that are familiar to everyone, things very far from plants are found in the composition of this garden.
  • Another feature – the garden can completely consist of anything and without a single plant.
  • The sculpture appears in the form of various obscurity. In simple words, they put together a wheel from a bicycle, an old metal washbasin, and poured a lot of bolts, gadgets and all sorts of little things into a wooden tub and called it “The Fountain of Progress.”
  • Plants in the art garden in the style of installation are planted by anyone, but recently they often resort to the help of weeds, as the most persistent and unpretentious in care. For example, nettle, coltsfoot, yarrows, meadowsweet, etc.

By the way! Every amateur gardener at least once created some kind of sculpture in the form of a mountain of garbage on his site, without thinking that, according to the characteristics, this is part of a garden installation. True, this set of unnecessary things periodically changed its appearance – something was removed, something was added and overgrown with weeds. And some deliberately tried to turn the trash into a certain statue.

Due to the large growth of industrial areas and megacities in the world, they began to turn to landscape design in the style of garden installation. Such a garden does not require much space. All its parts are mobile and, depending on the wishes of the land designer, changes its appearance and meaning. If space permits, the large garden is divided into sectors and a separate installation is directed in each. It can also be embedded in a classic garden and so give it features. In cities with large parks, they do just that – they inspire installation. I must admit, such a move in the landscape design of city parks works with a bang – everyone in a hurry to see the curiosity.

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