General pruning of park roses

After reading this article, you will receive knowledge of how to prune park roses. Park roses for practicality, in terms of the cultural removal of diseased and unnecessary parts of plants, can be divided into three subgroups.

First subgroup

Roses of different types requiring minimal pruning
Rosa spinosissima – thorny rose and its hybrids
Rosa rugosa – wrinkled rose and its hybrids
Rosa gallica – french rose
Rosa moschata – musky rose and its hybrids

In the first and second years after planting, it comes down to the correct formation of a strong skeleton, the removal of faded flowers and the pinching of strong gains in the winter period. Sometimes poorly located growth will have to be cut to the ring.

For the third and all subsequent years, pruning of the first-group park roses is reduced to trimming one or two old stalks in winter. This will give impetus to the emergence of replacement root shoots. This will support a strong and healthy plant skeleton. Very old bushes need to remove old and incorrectly located main stems. So you save the desired shape of the bush. To carry out such pruning of roses is also necessary in the period of complete rest of the plant – in winter.

Do not forget that park roses are needed and summer pruning. It includes cutting thin and weak growths, removing faded flowers and dead and diseased branches.

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Second subgroup

Rosa alba and its hybrids
Rosa centifolia – stolistnaya roza and its hybrids
Mossy roses
Most damask roses

The first year park roses of the second subgroup are cut in the same way as the roses from the first subgroup.

In the second and subsequent years, the park roses from this subgroup regularly form strong growths in the lower part of the bush, including the basal ones. They are then characterized by the appearance of a large number of flowering side branches. In the process of flowering under their weight such stems have a high probability of fracture.

To avoid injury, such park roses use, in addition to the above, the shortening in winter of strong long stems of the current year by one third of their length. The lateral growths of the skeletal branches are cut into 2-3 buds or up to 15 cm from their base.

Important! Do not overdo with shortening. You can break the elegant shape of the stems and significantly reduce the number of flowering branches formed!

Such an annual pruning, and the complete cutting of 1-2 old stems, will make it possible to maintain the plant for many years in a state of abundant flowering and strong growth of park roses.

Third subgroup

Most tea roses
Modern varieties of park roses like Fontaine variety
Old varieties of park roses of the Zeferin Druin and Madame Isaac Pereirs varieties

First year
They cut the park roses of this subgroup like this: they set the correct shape of a strong skeleton, remove wilted flowers and pinch strong gains in the winter period. Sometimes poorly located growth will have to be cut to the ring.
Second and subsequent years
Park roses of this subgroup differ from the second, more or less repeatable (remontant) flowering in the summer, as well as in the fall, on the branches of the current year and side branches of the first and second order of biennial and older stems. Winter pruning of roses should be easy.

Important! Strong and moderately strong pruning in winter is not applicable to such park roses, in any case. It stimulates the emergence of strong shoots that bloom only on the tips of the shoots from time to time, and sometimes not flowering at all.

In the summer, new flowering shoots grow all the time near the park roses of the third subgroup. Therefore, constantly remove wilted flowers. Pay more attention to pruning weakened branched growths. Otherwise, winter pruning of park roses is similar to pruning roses from the second group.
Basically, the trimming of each group is similar. However, each has its own differences, which are important to apply according to the variety of roses and everything will be fine.

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