Groundcover rose Alpenglühen

An interesting and unusual shape attracts attention, but the bright color is just striking from afar. Material things have one drawback – they age, become unfashionable, or break. Plants can remain so for centuries. The Alpenglühen groundcover rose is a prime example of such a memorable plant.

Specification of rose Alpengluhen


Rose Alpenglühen from Tantau was introduced to the culture in 2003, the author of which is Hans Jürgen Evers. Other names – Gloed, TAN98106, Xerius. It belongs to the group of ground cover roses. The shoots of this flower are arched or creeping, and their length starts from 40 cm. The maximum height of the plant is 70 cm. On the prickly branches there are alternately bright green and shiny leaves, of medium size. It grows quickly in favorable conditions. Powdery mildew and black spot, the main punishment of rosewood, are not afraid of the healthy Alpenglühen rose from Tantau. She needs shelter. With the advent of insect pests, they fight with the help of appropriate preparations, as well as with diseases. The color of the Alpenglühen rose variety from Tantau is a bright, juicy red color that does not change under the influence of weather conditions. It consists of 9-16 wavy petals, which fall off only from exposure to long rains and low temperatures. The flower has the same spectacular yellow center-crown, consisting of long thin stamens, ending with golden anthers. The average diameter of a flower is 5 cm. The flowers of a rose are gathered in brushes in which up to 10 flowers can bloom one by one. The groundcover Alpenglühen rose from Tantau blooms throughout the season, starting even from the end of May (in warm climates) to the first frost. The fact that it also blooms profusely in partial shade can be attributed to the charms.

Care about rose Alpengluhen


The soil is preferably a useful black soil, but the Tantau Alpenglühen variety will grow on loams. The only thing you need to do with such soil is to enrich it with useful compost, rotted manure, and complex mineral fertilizer before planting a rose. This rose grows in the sun and in partial shade. Also, this area should be outside the zone of high groundwater so as not to provoke root rot in the plant. So that the water on the rose plot does not stagnate, drainage must be made. Since the Alpenglühen from Tantau – the groundcover rose and its shoots lie directly on the ground, such an agrotechnical reception will not allow the rose to blot like bog drops during the rain. So that it winters well and does not freeze, the site can not be blown through in the winter with north and north-westerly winds.
Planting ground cover roses held on the dais.
Water the Alpenglühen variety under the base of the plant. Do it as needed, but at least 2 times a week. Up to 10 liters of warm distilled water will be required per plant. In dry times, watering is carried out more often, even every day, if necessary. At this time, the plant will also respond positively to evening sprays, which also help prevent pests.
To keep the rose healthy and strong, it is fed. Now on sale there are already specially developed complexes for these plants. Give them 2 times a month. In addition to them, it is important to give the flower vitamin supplements through sprays – so they are absorbed faster by the rose. It is advisable to spend it in the evening windless hours and the rose should be completely wet. If you do not encourage ready-made store preparations, you can use folk infusions and decoctions, as is the case with fertilizers.
Mulch the soil under the rose – moisture and most weeds linger.
Loosen and weed – the ability to get oxygen and increase the root system.


Trimming groundcover roses is almost unnecessary. In the first year after planting, all healthy shoots are shortened and all patients are removed. In order for the rose to achieve maximum flowering, it is formed horizontally, then it will bloom along the entire length of the shoot. Further pruning in such roses is to form a plant.

How to use rose Alpengluhen

In landscape design, ground cover roses, including Tantau’s Alpenglühen, are used to decorate retaining walls, rockeries, rock gardens. Very impressive, especially bright Alpenglühen, look roses of this group on the lawns. The stam tree will be beautiful both in the open field and in the container. This variety of roses is impressive in high pots at the entrance to the house.

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