Some old variety of roses which has historical meaning and own place.


Belle Siebrecht rose

Belle Siebrecht – 1895 This grade is suitable for groups, cuts and stumbs. Flowers at the rose are carmine-pink, matte, large and fragrant. There was this beauty when crossing such varieties: Mrs. W. J. Grant and La France, Fitzwilliam.


Gloria Di Roma rose

Gloria Di Roma – 1937 It is a mixture of Damme Edith Helen, Sensation. Mostly on the shoot, one bud – red and oval. When the rose blossoms – the flowers are bright red, with cherry on the underside, very large, fragrant and dense. Blooms until frosts. Powdery mildew is the main enemy. The variety is beautiful in the group, and also suitable for cutting and forcing.


Orange Triumph rose

In 1937 appeared Orange Triumph by means of dusting Eva and Solarium, thanks to V. Cordes. Flowers are orange-red, large, terry with a delicate aroma, cup-shaped and well retain color. Abundantly blooms to frost. Afraid of powdery mildew.


Eulalia Berridge rose

Eulalia Berridge (until 1976). The flowers are white with a pink tinge, large, terry, with a pleasant faint smell, collected in inflorescences up to 15 flowers. The bushes are medium tall, spreading. Blooms abundantly, especially in the second half of summer. The variety is winter hardy, and also resistant against fungal diseases.

Старая роза Dagmar Spath

Dagmar Spath rose

Dagmar Spath – 1935. This is a mixture of Joseph Guy and Spath. The rose bush is low, straight and compact. The variety is winter hardy. The flowers are white with a pink tinge, small, semi-double with a subtle smell, collected in inflorescences – up to 40 flowers. Blooms long and abundantly.

роза Salmon Spray

Salmon Spray rose

Salmon Spray – 1923 In this case crossed Midnight Sun with Cl. Orleans Rose. Flowers are collected in inflorescences of 20-25 pieces, which have a pleasant light fragrance. Salmon-pink petals on the lower side are carmine, and the flowers themselves are semi-double, cup-shaped and medium in size. The bush itself is dense and strongly stalks with long straight shoots. The variety is winter hardy, but is afraid of powdery mildew.

Chatter rose

When the Worlds Fair was dug from Batty Prior in 1947, Chatter turned out. This variety is very afraid of powdery mildew, but it is winter-hardy. Blooms abundantly. On a low compact and dense bush, dark-red flowers with a velvety hue bloom. They are small, semi-double and collected in large inflorescences. The variety is good in group plantings, as well as in the collies.

Papillon rose

Papillon Rose (White Briarcliff crossed with Lady Silvia and Faschion) in 1956. The variety is very beautiful in group plantings, as it blooms for a long time. On straight and strong shoots against the background of dark leathery foliage there are flowers with pink and salmon hue. They are large, terry, fragrant with a high center, beautiful shape and collected in inflorescences.

roza Samba

Samba rose

Samba – 1964 Very famous variety with golden yellow flowers, which have shiny red edges. In the inflorescences collected on 3-8 flowers of medium size and terry. Blossoms abundantly, and the bush itself is low, straight, dense.

Danko’s heart – 1955. This variety is the result of the pollination of Poinsettia and Baby Chateau. On tall, straight and strong shoots with dark green leaves bloom dark red with a velvety hue, large, semi-double, with a delicate smell of flowers. Flowers are collected in inflorescences up to 12-15 flowers. Winter resistant grade is suitable for groups and stumbs.

Роза Dorothy Perkins фото

Dorothy Perkins rose

Dorothy Perkins – 1901. Lilac-pink flowers, small, terry, slightly fragrant, collected in inflorescences of 20-40 flowers. Bushes – high – up to 5 m. For the winter, this rose is covered completely. It is affected by powdery mildew. It is suitable for decoration of balconies, walls, fences, looks effectively on tall stems in a weeping form.

New Dawn роза

New Dawn rose

New Dawn (New Day) – 1930. Winter-hardy variety, but afraid of gray rot and powdery mildew. They can arrange pavilions, collies. Such a variety is beautiful in the form of a high-pitched bush. In itself, the bush is very tall, dense, with strong shoots up to 1.5 m in length. Large, solitary or in inflorescences of 3-4 flowers, semi-double, fragrant apple-smelling tender pink flowers hover over small shiny leaves.

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