How is pruning of climbing roses after flowering

Climbing roses with multi-flowered flowers on the side shoots of last year’s long branches. Flowers in size relate to medium – up to 8-10 cm. They are powerful plants. During the season, these climbing roses form only a few basal shoots. The bulk of flowering stems are formed higher on old stems. Pruning climbing roses after flowering reduces to removing old lashes as new ones appear. Such roses are formed horizontally. Such roses include, for example, varieties Albertine, Chaplin′s Pink.

обрезка плетистых роз картинка

After planting, climbing roses of this group are cut to a height of 25-35 cm. For the second and subsequent years, pruning of these rose bushes is done after flowering. Completely remove one or two old stems. They will be replaced by any basal shoots that have begun to grow. If there are none, then cut one or two old stems to 35-40 cm from their base.

Relatively old stems are pruned to the place where a new strong growth appeared. He will become a guide. Continue to form the plant in a horizontal plane. Short shoots that should bloom shorten up to 2-3 buds or up to 15 cm from their base. Weak shoots are shortened, leaving 2-3 buds from their base.

In summer, the rose blooms along last year’s, horizontally formed lashes and on trimmed side shoots. The plant during the growing season has young strong branches of continuation.

After the rose has finished blooming, it is pruned. This is done around August – September. Partially cut off old and all diseased shoots. One – two old lashes shorten to 30-40 cm from their base. So stimulate the growth of substitute basal shoots. Important! If you want the rose to bloom constantly, prune the wilted inflorescences.

Pruning periods vary depending on local soil and climatic conditions. You should not forget about this another important moment when pruning rose bushes. Over time, you will professionally determine that it is time to clean the plants.

Pruning climbing roses after flowering is a complex and time-consuming process at first, and with the acquisition of certain skills, it will not seem so. The main thing is to remove the cut parts of the plant after it so that then pests and diseases do not spread. And another important point – a clean and sharp tool, which is your main assistant.

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