Speaking of such a topic as caring for roses, it is impossible not to touch on such a topic as fertilizer for roses, as well as what supports should be made roses. That is what will be discussed in this article.

Fertilizer for roses

Loose or granular complex fertilizers for roses contain three main batteries for life of roses.

  • Nitrogen stimulates the growth of shoots and leaves.
  • Phosphorus (phosphate) helps develop the root system.
  • Potassium promotes budding and flowering. That provides ripening shoots, the leaves of which become denser and resistant to disease and adverse weather.

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Feed roses twice a season: before flowering and in the middle of summer, but not later than July, otherwise the shoots will not ripen and will suffer greatly in the winter. Refrain from growth promoters. Roses prefer slowly soluble fertilizers. Fertilizers are also used in liquid form to spray on the green mass of the plant. They are used once for 2-3 weeks. Such fertilizers contain mostly trace elements, and they are better absorbed into the foliage and almost immediately fall into the cell sap. After their application, the flowers increase, and the overall appearance of the plant improves. Remember that large rose bushes need more fertilizer than, for example, patio or miniature roses!

A few words about rose prevention

It is necessary to regularly inspect the roses on the subject of settlement on the bushes pests, as well as the appearance of disease. Remove and burn diseased and affected parts of the plant. Do not forget to collect and fallen leaves. Cutting off faded flowers will give you a new abundant flowering. On grafted roses, it sometimes happens that root shoots form from the root stock. If you do not remove it, then you risk losing a varietal rose, and get a wild-growing stock in return.

Prevention of pests and diseases will always be timely agrotechnical measures: watering, feeding, removal of weeds. A “Watered and fed” plant without harmful neighbors is the best decoration for a garden or patio, because it is healthy. A healthy flowering plant talks about the care of the owner. But just in case, you can use a variety of weak solutions and spray them with roses. For example, a soap solution, a solution of infusion of nettle, horsetail, marigold, etc.

Do not forget about the proper shelter of roses for the winter. Never fall asleep rose bushes with fallen leaves. When the temperatures in the winter below them change, the plant “will stop”, and a premature process of leaf rot can begin. And if the temperature drops sharply, then the root part of the rose can suffer greatly.

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