How to buy miniature roses

In this article we will talk about how to buy miniature roses. Among other things, you will find small recommendations on how to care for such roses.

What you should know when buying a miniature

When buying a seedlings of any miniature roses, the label should contain at least such information: color of the flower, aroma, number of petals, flower size, plant height, leaf size, growth pattern, resistance to diseases and cold and rewards (if any). Of course, in addition to buying a flower, you can reproduce it yourself. To do this, you need to find the shank, put it in the ground. And wait until he takes root. But you can just plant it. However, such known methods of reproduction are practiced for almost all plants.


The most popular among buyers are varieties with a classic bud shape, with continuous flowering. Also, varieties bred by the American breeder Ralph Moore (they have peduncles and sepals on them have bryophyte glandular hairs that emit aromatic substances). And varieties with double flowers.

Main variety of miniature roses

Angela Rippon, Ocaru, Apricot Sunblaze, Savamark, Baby Masquerade, Bush Baby, Colibri 79, Darling Flame, Meidanover, Minuetto, Easter Morning, Fiesta, Fize Princess, Little Buckaroo, Little Flirt , Magic Carrousel, Mr. Bluebird, New Penny, Orange Sunblaze, Pour Toy, Sunblaze, Pandora, Pink Sunblaze, Para Ti, Red Ace, Amanda, Red Sunblaze, Rise ′n′ Shine, Golden Sunblaze, Rosina, Josephine, Wheatcroft, Scarlet Gem, Stacey, Sue, Starina, Stars ′n’ Stripes, Yellow Doll…

How to care for miniature roses

You should know about the characteristic sores that affect the miniature roses. It is powdery mildew and black spotting. Also, such roses are able to wither the tips of shoots for various reasons. Therefore, care must be taken to care for such a plant.

The main care for miniatures is irrigation, timely feeding and pruning of thickening shoots, weeding from weeds and loosening the earth around the bush. That these roses well tolerated our cold winters, they should be very well covered with spruce branches. Do not cover them with fallen leaves. At the process of spreading the organic matter there are positive temperatures, so the soil around the bush remains warm. And if a thaw starts, the snow comes down and sharply gets colder, then the vaccine site or the surface roots can quickly freeze out. Such a “hat” for shelter is the risk of losing a plant. However, the best thing for crumbs is transplanting into containers for the winter period. And transfer them to a cooler room, for example, in the basement.

Thus, it can be concluded that it is not enough just to buy miniature roses, but it is also worth giving them enough attention and care, so that they will blossom well and be healthy.

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