How to care for the lawn

Football field, golf course – what unites these fields. Correctly! Lawn. Those green fields are made up of special herbs. And the lawn near the house does not need to be made stable against football shoes. Making a beautiful lawn with your own hands is simple, and even easier to care for it.

For planting a mowed lawn (this is one of the types of lawns), a mixture of cereal grasses, almost not blooming. Another property of such herbs is the good tolerance of periodic mowing. The advantage of such a green cover is the rapid overgrowing of the designated area. Lawn grasses for mowing are the first to turn green and remain so until the snow cover. For example, a white field, meadow bluegrass, red fescue, etc.

Flowering or meadow lawns (also look like a lawn) look beautiful on large areas. The advantage of this coating is that after the flowers have faded and the herbs become stiff and begin to grow brown, it can be turned into a shorn. Such a meadow lawn consists of a mixture of grasses and plants with a long and beautiful flowering. Chamomiles, cornflowers, poppies, cloves are planted among herbs.

How to care for lawns

Water the lawn depending on weather conditions. It is necessary to moisten the soil so that a 20cm layer of soil gets wet. For 1 m² of lawn, 10 to 30 liters of water will be required. The amount of water depends on the “severity” of the soil: the clayey the soil, the more watered. The best time to wet the coating is in the early morning or evening. If you do this in the heat, the grass will get 2-4 degrees burns and lose its appearance.

How to mow the lawn

  • With each mowing, the grass is shortened by 1/3.
  • The overgrown grass is sheared in several approaches: the first time they are removed 2-3 cm and so on to the desired height. This technique does not apply to heavily wiped herbs.
  • The first time the lawn is mowed in spring, when the grass grows by 8-10 cm.
  • During the period of active growth of cereals, the cutting is cut at least 1 time per week.
  • Do not cut wet grass.
  • Each subsequent haircut is done perpendicular to the previous one.
  • Just before the appearance of snow, do not mow the lawn. It is better if the height of the grass tablecloth is 8-10cm.
  • Mowed grass is not left, but collected and taken out into a compost heap.
  • Mandatory – the tool must be sharp!

Top dressing is an important factor in obtaining a beautiful emerald lawn. As soon as the snow melts, 5 g of nitrogen fertilizer is applied to 1 m² of the lawn area. The following dressing is carried out after the first haircut – for 1 m² 10 g of nitrogen, 3 g of phosphorus and 5 g of potassium. In the second half of June, 10 g of nitrogen, 2.5 g of phosphorus and 2.5 g of potassium per 1 m² are added. Fertilize the last time in the first half of September and add 3 g of phosphorus and 5 g of potassium per 1 m².

In the garden centers, they sell ready-made mixtures of mineral fertilizers for the lawn.

 How to properly fertilize the lawn.

1) The grass should be dry

2)  It is better to carry out before the rain or before watering

3) First, half the fertilizer is scattered manually in one direction, and then the second half is scattered in the opposite direction.

Other lawn care activities include weed control with manual weeding and the use of herbicides against weeds rather than cereals. Periodically, the lawn should be “combed” with a rake, harrow, wire brushes. And in this way any garbage is removed: leaves, dead grass. “Combing” the lawn contributes to the destruction of moss and loosens turf.

The lawn “aged” needs vertical eruption of turf to a depth of 10-15cm. Such an operation is carried out in spring by special machines.

Mulching is carried out in the fall, and its goal is to fill the voids formed on the lawn during the season. Mulch consists of dry sand, fertile mineral soil and organic matter. The latter may be lowland peat or leaf humus. The mixture for mulching is used only crumbly and without lumps.

Aeration is an extreme measure for a lawn. They only use it on old neglected lawns. This operation is carried out by machines, deeply piercing (8-10cm) turfs with special devices.

In winter, the lawn also needs care. Sometimes an ice crust may form on it, which should be broken. Under it, the grass may “suffocate.”

Each type of lawn care has to do with a mowed lawn, a meadow lawn, and special lawns. Timely use of one or another lawn care measure will result in long-lasting grass cover. Basically, all the “sanctions” do not require specific skills, and you can arrange a beautiful lawn with your own hands.

Easy care for you!

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