How to collect a harmonious bouquet of roses

When a bouquet is presented, there is a reason: a birthday, anniversary or wedding, etc. Although, often, they receive it simply because an irresistible desire to please a person has arisen. However, if there is a reason for presenting a bouquet, then it must be sustained, firstly, in a correctly selected set of flowers (each flower has its own meaning, which has developed over the centuries). Secondly, in the correct color scheme (each color also has its own meaning). Thirdly, it corresponds to the influences of fashion at the time of giving the bouquet. In this article you will learn how to properly assemble a bouquet.

Whatever the bouquet, it must be harmonious.

Signs of harmony are

  • monochrome or, on the contrary, achromaticity, merochromy (shift to one color tone), shadow or “veil of light”, a mixture of white, gray, black.

These signs point to the first signs of harmony – unity and communication.

  • Contrast. It can be achieved using such techniques: color saturation or purity, color tone (this is when using additional or contrasting colors), or for brightness or lightness (light – dark). Contrasts can be small, medium, large.
  • Measure. When creating a composition, it is important not to make a bunch of flaps from a bouquet, for example.
  • Proportionality is a sign of harmony, which is expressed as follows: color spots should not be too bright and large.
  • Equilibrium – the bouquet should not have an advantage in one direction – with asymmetric construction of the bouquet, one side should not outweigh the other.
  • Clarity, relevance and relevance – these features are similar in function. The bouquet should be clear: wedding – for a wedding celebration, etc.
  • Beauty is a sign of harmony, which everyone understands in his own way. For example, this way – it does not arise, is not destroyed, does not increase, does not decrease, it is beautiful everywhere and always, exists forever, is not in the form of any appearance, or speech, or science, on earth, in heaven or in any some subject. It is uniform with itself and does not experience suffering in anything.
  • The sublime is an attribute of harmony, which calls for the use of only high-quality material (for example, a tree without diseased foliage).
  • Perfection – this sign of harmony is achieved if there is a sense of completeness and fullness, when there is no desire to remove or add something.

Here are the basic elements that guide a professional florist who knows how to properly assemble a bouquet. A beautiful and harmonious composition is striking. Therefore, there is a desire to get it for yourself and try to do the same.

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