Floribunda group roses are more powerful than hybrid tea and remontant roses. It is sometimes very difficult to provide them with optimal flowering. Just right and timely pruning – the most important point in the cultivation of these roses. After too much pruning, the plant may become so weak that it will almost stop blooming, and it may take several years to fully recover. If, on the other hand, pruning floribunda will be only “cosmetic” (weak), then the main branches will have weak growths that can die in winter.

Often recommend moderate pruning of 6-8 buds (up to a maximum of 45 cm from the soil level). Especially it is successful in windy areas. However, it does not always give one hundred percent result – a long and continuous flowering in the summer. Also, the death of old stems is possible. However, they are not always replaced by root shoots.

Combined pruning is the most optimal for roses of this group. It consists in using light pruning for single stems and strong for old growths. The first one provokes earlier flowering in plants, and the second pruning method stimulates the growth of basal shoots and later flowering. And from this it follows that new powerful basal stems constantly appear, and the rose is constantly in bloom.

Floribunda pruning is held annually from mid-February to mid-March. The timing of pruning may vary depending on local climatic conditions.

The first year of pruning floribunda roses

флорибунда срезание побегов

After planting, roses are pruned at the aforementioned periods, leaving 3-5 buds (up to 15-25 cm) from the soil level. Plus, you still need to cut out all the weak gains. Over time, new shoots will appear on the plant.

The second year of pruning floribunda roses

срезание веток на флорибунде

After planting a floribunda rose at the bush, in February-March all major annual basal branches are shortened by about a third. And the side branches are cut so that 2-3 buds or 10-15 cm remain from their base. In order for the center of the bush not to thicken, strong growths on the old stalks are cut out completely, or they are shortened to 3-5 buds from their base.

Third and all subsequent years

For rose bushes in this group, anti-aging pruning is used. They do it in the same time as all other types of trimming for this group. It is necessary to do this: first, cut off strong annual branches to a third of their length, then leave two to five buds for two-year increments. If you are confident that your rose bush is heavily thickened, then remove the entire individual old stalks. In addition to pruning these roses should also be used to pinch the main stems. Removal of dead flowers and inflorescence. Cut out all non-flowering shoots and those that are not covered with hard bark (not lignified).

The basic rule for pruning roses is its timeliness and correctness of the pruning method for this group of roses. If you chose the right way to trim the roses, in the summer you will be guaranteed a beautiful flowering plant, and not depleted and neglected.

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