How to grow a standard rose

It is difficult to find a man who does not like roses and would not like to grow them in his garden. In addition to various wild forms in our gardens grow thousands of varietal roses created by human hands. Standard roses are also created by him. To grow a stambing rose you need to spend more energy than on the bush. The main difficulty is the cultivation of the rootstock. Accordingly, the cost of the finished rosewood is much higher than that of the bush rose. For the stems of rootstocks, a rosehip with powerful shoots is recommended. It is best suited for rootstocks of a dog-rose (rose rosa canina).

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A long sprout of rose hips (1.5-2.0 m) is left on the bush, or grown from seeds. When there is a ready bush of a dogrose, it is excavated in autumn together with 1-3 annual shoots which go from the basis of a bush. The bark on them is still thin and makes it easy to get vaccinated. The most important difficulty in the reproduction of stale roses is the growth of a rosehip seedlings with a strong rose, with a powerful root system, a winter-resistant flower that is unaffected by disease. It is also good to buy a ready-made stock, but it is better to grow your own on the land where the future work of art will grow. Before sowing, the hips are removed from the fruit when they start to become brown. Then the seeds are mixed with wet sand and stored in a cool place until the onset of autumn frosts. In late October, the seeds are sown in the soil.

When the seedlings appear, the strongest are selected, in which the root neck has a diameter of more than 8-10 mm. Then they are planted to grow. With the usual care – fertilizing, watering – hips grows without cutting 2-3 years, until they expel long shoots. For the third year, the seedlings are left with 1-3 shoots (for reliability). All other shoots of the briars are excised, as are lateral shoots. The top of the growing shoot is pricked, thus ensuring the best maturing. When transplanting the stem to a permanent place, the root system is shortened to 20-30 cm. Then they dig in so that not only the root system is in the ground, but also the lowest part of the shoot. Rosehip is frost-hardy and does not require shelter. But annual shoots should be covered with a few branches of lapnika or pruning raspberries.

If alleys are planned along the tracks, the distances between the plants should be about 2 m, and not less than 0.5 m from the edge of the path. When planting plants should also take into account in which direction the dents for shelter for the winter will be bent.

To grow a rose rose you need to know the best time for grafting the burs. Read about it in the following articles.

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