розы в горшкахDid you know that everything that grows in the ground can be grown in containers. This is true even for potted roses. The only thing that is always important to remember is that they need to be watered and fertilized more often. These plants can decorate a balcony, entrance, patio or terrace. They are universal because they can be moved anywhere you want and grow in any garden of any size.

What steps should be taken so that roses grow well in pots

  1. розы в горшках на балконеPot. You can use plastic or ceramic. In cooler regions, plastic lives longer, cracking less in frost, unlike ceramics. In warm areas, ceramic pots will protect the root system from overheating and drying out. The size of the container depends on the rose grown in it. The larger the flower, the larger the pot. For miniature roses, the height of the vessel should be at least 25 cm, if the height of the rose is 45 cm. A pot with a height of 30 cm is suitable for roses on patios up to a height of 30 cm. Vases from 40 cm in height are bought for bush roses up to 60 cm in height. For roses 1.2 in height m high urns (from 50 cm high) are suitable. The diameter of the pot will depend on the root system. Please note that it should fit freely there.
  2. выращиваемая роза в контейнереSubstrate.  Roses love healthy, rich soil. They consume a lot of nutrients to grow and bloom. For roses in pots, either a ready-made substrate is selected, or they themselves are prepared from the earth, garden compost and rotted manure. Perlite can be added to this mixture as drainage. Proper potted land is more than half the success.
  3. Planting roses in a pot. Fill potting mixture with pot на. Spread the roots on top. Fill the roots and fill the container to the end. Water well.
  4. Caring for rosesgrown in pots. It is necessary to water the container rose when the soil mixture dries 2-3 cm deep. Fertilize such plants once every 2 weeks with water-soluble fertilizers.
  5. сад роз в горшкахIn a cold climate, you will need to hide roses with pots in a cool room.
  6. The distance between the pots of roses is at least 60 cm. This is necessary for good air circulation between them and will reduce the risk of contracting fungal diseases.
  7. Potted roses, like ground roses, need 6-7 hours of direct sunlight.
  8. The time and type of pruning for roses in tubs is the same as for flower beds.

Almost all roses grow well in pots. Difficulties will cause only large and climbing roses. They have a large root system and need more space around them.

большая роза растет в горшке

Enjoy your cultivation!

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