How to make the right care for roses in the spring

What is the right care for roses in the spring, this is what this article will be discussed in this article.

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In February, the light day becomes a little longer and, despite the low temperature, roses are gradually beginning to detect signs of awakening. From this it follows that the plant should be placed in a warm room or clean the protective glass. After you have to inspect the plant: dried or yellowed leaves, blackened shoots cut off, washed with soapy water. Then arrange a warm shower for the plant. These procedures will help your plant to remain protected from the appearance of pests. Then remove a bit of the top layer of the earth and fill the fresh soil instead. Do not immediately after the introduction of the plant into the heat, neither transplantation, nor transshipment. Increase slightly the dose of water for irrigation and sprinkle abundantly.

After a couple of weeks, when the roses began to revive, you can transplant the plants. With the correct wintering of plants, as well as proper care for them, at the end of March they will have the first buds.

At the beginning of the growth of the rose must be fed with a full mineral fertilizer after the usual watering. In order for the rose to bloom large beautiful flowers, it should be fed once a week. She will feel good if she has enough light and moisture. During the formation of buds and active growth of plants, the flowers should be placed on the lightest window, watered as the ground dries with standing water. Sometimes, in the evenings, you can sprinkle cold boiled water from a thin spray. If necessary, then the plant is passed into the pot larger, without disturbing the roots (if you can not do without transplantation or transshipment, then you are sure to do in the phase of moon growth even in winter).

After the spring frosts have passed, and a constant plus temperature is established at night, if possible, take the rose out onto a balcony or garden. In the first days the plant is gradually accustomed to sunlight. For this, a flower pot is first put in a shady corner of a balcony or garden, and a week or two can be transferred to a sunny place. If there is no shady corner, darken the rose with a piece of cardboard.

As you can see, the proper care of roses in the spring requires certain actions that will help keep your flower as long as possible.

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