How to properly care for roses

Surely many flower owners want to know how to properly care for roses. Well, in this article you will learn about some peculiarities of the proper care of roses.

First of all, the correct planting of a rose is a guarantee that the bush will feel good in the place you have chosen. Remember that the most optimal area where the rose will grow should be well lightened. But it should not be too hot. Also, roses do not tolerate strong and prolonged shading; The site should be well ventilated, but be protected from cold winds; on the site there should be no stagnation of water. Do not plant roses under the trees, the queen of flowers grows poorly on poor soils.

Proper care for roses involves a number of simple operations that you need to perform throughout the year.

loosening and mulching of the earth

Loosening and mulching the soil, feeding and pruning of the bush are the most basic actions to be taken to beautify the beauty bush of your eye, and cause envy among neighbors. The first operation involves weeding and removing weeds, as well as easy loosening of the soil around the bush to access oxygen to the roots of the plant. Also, by performing this action, you thereby simplify water access to the roots. When watering the flower, organic and mineral fertilizers can be added to the water, but one should not do this constantly. For the first time, fertilizers are applied when the bush is planted. Then the rose can be fed for the formation of buds. The last time – before the onset of the second half of July, otherwise shoots will grow, which before the onset of cold weather will not have time to ripen, which will lead to their death. And this in turn will affect the entire bush.

Mulching the soil is a very important step in the proper care of roses. First, during the summer drought under the layer of mulch the moisture lasts longer. Secondly, weeds almost stop growing. Thirdly, if humus is used as a mulch, then the soil condition improves. Fourth, roses are less affected by black spotting. There are also special mulching compounds that provide the plant with additional nutrition. Usually mulch the soil in late April – early May. Effective mulching will be if the soil under the bush is well prepared (garbage and last year’s leaves, weeded weeds, the soil is pre-drenched).

Another important point in caring for rose bushes is the correct formation of the bush. It includes not only pruning, but also the correct garter of the bush. This applies not only to the climbing roses, which must be formed from the very beginning, but also shrub roses. After many years of flowering, some shoots need support.

Pruning is needed to ensure that your bush does not turn into thickets of dead and live shoots, and also wild shoots, if the rose is not rooted. To do this, you need a remanufacturer: a pruner with two cutting edges, a garden shears with long handles, a garden saw, a garden knife, gloves and a mat under your knees. First, cut out all dead stems to the base and cut off any damaged or diseased parts of the stems. Cut the stem to light wood. Then cut out to the base thin stems and thickening bush branches. Also remove the root shoots. Still remove the stems, in which the wood has not ripened and the thorns do not break off, but crumble or break away with a piece of bark. Finally, only healthy stems with ripened wood are left, they are shortened according to the type of rose. Remember, the slices should be oblique and smooth, without irregularities.

Now you know how to properly care for roses.


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