Standard rose is undoubtedly a beautiful plant for a garden of any size. Moreover, on a stock graft all varieties of roses, from tea-hybrid aristocrats to miniature babies. The crown of a pink tree can flaunt and several varieties. In this article, you will learn how to cut standard roses.

Important! Roses of the same group and the same growth power are grafted onto stamb.

Pruning long stems in a standard rose
Pruning long stems in a standard rose

For a beautiful crown of a standard rose, correct pruning is very important. The first and subsequent pruning of standard roses such as those of the spray roses. A rather large crown remains on the plant after applying light pruning. If the rose grows in an open area, there is a risk that the rose will be damaged by the wind. Therefore, it is recommended to use moderately strong pruning.

For grafted hybrid tea roses, shorten the stems by 3-5 buds or 15 cm from their base.

For floribunda roses, trim annual growths of 6–8 buds or about 25 cm, and biennial growths of 3–6 buds or up to 15 cm from their base.

If the weeping shape of a standard rose grows in your garden, cut it in this way:

The first group of climbing roses – after flowering, cut off on the ring all the shoots that have faded. It is necessary to leave only strong shoots. If there are few of them, leave a couple of top three biennial branches, shortening their side shoots by 2-3 buds from their base.

The second group of climbing roses – pruning comes down to removing ancient growths and shortening the side branches after flowering by 2-3 buds from their beginning.

Important! Strong shoots must be tied up.

Enjoy your growing!

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