Hello gardener, florist. This article will talk about how to start growing bushes and shrub plants. It will be useful to those who are just thinking about planting such a plan of plants in their area. Maybe experienced growers will find something they need for themselves. 

Well, cultivating ornamental shrubs and shrubs on your own plots is not that difficult. The principles of care are the same as for flowers, vegetables or trees. They also signal what they need. You just need to pay attention and everything will work out. 


How and for what to use shrubs in the garden

Shrubs on the site play many roles for a professional landscape gardener. They expand the garden space and horizons. Beautiful plants not only attract attention, but also help to retire. Here are some reasons that will help a beginner to decide: why he is planting these same plants.

  • Large shrubs focus on themselves and are used as the center of the composition. Other plants are placed around such bushes.
  • Shrubs are often planted to create hedges, curbs, secret retreats, clever trickery to hide a garden path.
  • Many bush plants perfectly cope with decorating gazebos, arbours, entrance gates, gates.
  • Shrubs will help hide the compost bin, outbuildings, air conditioners.
  • Evergreen shrubs give color in the garden all year round. 
  • The autumn foliage of shrub plants decorates the garden and the backyard very beautifully. 
  • Shrubs can be a backdrop for plants.
Oackleaved hydrangea

What to consider when planting bushes and shrubs

Design by design, but it is important to remember about the comfortable living of shrubs on the site. There are several options for getting rid of future problems before landing. 

  • Use native plants. They grow best in a familiar climate and quickly adapt to weather conditions.
  • Allocate enough space for the root system and branches to grow. Do not plant too close to walls or to each other. 
  • The height of the planting pit should be at least equal to the height of the root system of the seedling and twice its diameter. 
  • Water the new plant regularly to help it develop good roots in the first growing season after planting. 
  • Plant shrubs in the fall. This will help avoid stress if the summer is dry and will allow it to take root before winter. 

What shrubs are better for a beginner to plant

And yet, there are shrubs that are easier to grow than some. They take root well, tolerate difficult conditions well, and resist the last disease and insects. 

  1. Spirea. It is beautiful during flowering and attracts attention with the coloration of autumn leaves. 
  2. Thuja. First, it is an evergreen plant. Secondly, there are all kinds of forms and thirdly, it is growing rapidly. 
  3. Rose of Sharon or Syrian Hibiscus. Blooms, as a rule, from mid-July. Thanks to breeders, a variety of color shades of flowers and shapes have appeared. 
  4. Hydrangea is oak-leaved. It captivates with summer bloom and autumn color of flowers. 
  5. Juniper. Like thuja, it comes in different shapes, with different colors and will add color to the winter garden. 
  6. Bird cherry. It blooms in spring, the fruits become ripe in the second half of summer and beautiful leaves in autumn. 
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