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The possibilities of using climbing roses in landscape design are almost endless. First, they can cover fairly large spaces. Secondly, their “creep” sometimes climbs up to the third or fourth floor. A climbing rose imparted to a high boom perfectly copes with the fountain function. Hide behind Bobbie James or Sombreuil ugly economic structure will be very simple. One or two climbing roses will be enough to make the entrance to the garden or the house an indelible impression on your acquaintances, friends and relatives. How to trim a climbing rose is exactly what will be discussed in this article.

In the conditional, fourth group of climbing roses, we include re-blooming roses with a pyramidal bush. Flowers of these roses appear on the young increments of the current year. Plants of this group in some cases can climb a little more than 3 meters. As a rule, climbing beauties of this type reach 2.5-3 m.

The stems of the rose group described here are not so flexible, and tend to grow only vertically. They need support and timely garter to it.

An ideal support element for plants will be an old tree, a column. Keep in mind that a large horizontal space such roses will not fill.

First year

The first pruning for a sapling is as follows: before planting roses at a permanent place, they cut off a few roots and completely cut out the damaged tops of the shoots and weak growth. As the plants grow, the vertical conductors form during the season.

Second and subsequent years

In the summer, the adult plants of the pyramidal group only relieve faded flowers. To maintain the symmetric shape of a climbing rose in late autumn or early winter, the following pruning is used:

  • cut off the weak, sick and dead gains
  • shorten some conductors
  • shorten the side shoots on the main stems

In order for the plant appeared radical shoots, cut off the old stems to 2/3 of their length. And if you see that a rose has too many extra branches, then thin it out by completely removing 1-2 oldest stems. Thereby, you will protect the plant from being infected with a disease. The degree to which a pyramidal climbing rose should be cut off depends on its variety and free space. Among the vigorous roses of this type there are plants with a powerful lateral growth, which must be more strictly limited in growth. With the correct and appropriate application of these recommendations, you will grow a beautiful rose bush. Because you now know how to trim a climbing rose.

Successful and easy pruning

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