Monstera presents itself in all its glory: stems, aerial roots, huge carved leaves. On Instagram, she became a hit and a popular element for creating the style of the jungle on the premises. Young leaves of the monstera have a heart shape and form characteristic cuts later, with age. In Chinese symbolism, it is a symbol of long life and veneration of older and respected people. 



Monster Monster is a member of the Arum family. She comes from Panama and the south of Mexico, where they climb to a height of 20 m. They are attached to the trunks of trees, stones, and earth with aerial roots. Such species of monstera grow in the forests of Southeast Asia. They curl and climb up. Their giant leaves create an additional shadow in these forests. 

The most famous species is Monstera deliciosa. Its 20 cm long fruits are grown in Central America. To taste, they resemble a banana in combination with pineapple. At home, you are unlikely to grow the fruits of monstera. It rarely blooms indoors. 

монстера в помещенииMonstera Monster


  • Monstera loves penumbra and well-ventilated places. It is badly affected by direct sunlight. 
  • The soil in the monster pot should be slightly moist. It is impossible to overmoisten the soil. 
  • The plant is fed 1 time for 2 weeks.
  • Trim the monstera flowers. They take a lot of energy from the room monstera and have a rather rich and intrusive smell.

Enjoy your cultivation!

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