Italy! Italy? Italy … Nowhere to find so many monuments of antiquity, such a history and such passions. The culture and originality of this country at all times inspired artists, poets and other creative people. Not without the ancient Italians in the landscape design of the garden. At the same time, the gardeners of the Ancient Roman Empire brought this art to perfection. Every educated person on Earth can imagine an Italian villa on the beach with its white walls, tiled roofs. There is no country where there is no building in the Italian style.



And the Italian garden with its terraces, an abundance of white stone, balustrades, stairs, antique sculptures, olive trees and plants in tubs is an earlier variation on the theme of a regular garden than a French garden.

For the landscape design of the Italian garden is characterized by:

  • Symmetry of landings
  • The location of the garden on the terraces
  • Many architectural forms (stairs, stone paths, sculptures …)
  • Many water structures
  • The Presence of Topiary Art

Symmetry in the Italian garden is manifested in clear geometric forms of reservoirs, flower beds and terraces. As part of the design of the pond is a beautiful fountain. He and the pond itself is the center of the composition. The flower beds of regular shapes (oval, circle, square) are decorated according to the planned drawing. Often a plant like boxwood serves as a curb. Plants in pots are usually installed near the stairs that connect the terraces. And trees and bushes are sheared in the shape of a cube, a ball, a column or occasionally an exotic bird.

Sculpture in the Italian garden is very much. They decorate and fountains, and flower beds, and alleys. They can stand alternately with kad plants.

Italian style in landscape design is designed for resting on the terrace (patio) or by the pool with citrus citrus, cypresses, boxwood, hydrangeas. And around there can be a hedge of olive trees.

What effectively looks in the Italian garden?

  • White or cream walls of houses
  • Terracotta Roof Tiles
  • Fence of light stone
  • Plants with a bright juicy color – orange, red, yellow and blue
  • Flower-makers, fountains, fragments of columns and statues in antique style
  • Patio near the house is a geometric shape with furniture, flower pots, tubs with citrus. Also with sculptures and thoughtful patio flooring
  • Pergolas and trellises with kirkazon, girlish grapes five-leaf, actinidia, roses, clematis, kampsis ..
  • Olive can be replaced with sea buckthorn or silver
  • A hedge must have a strict geometric shape

Care for the Italian garden is the regular cutting of curbs, budding plants and lawn. In addition, kadonchnye plants should be watered and fed as needed. Still these plants for the winter should be cleaned in the premises. The purity of the reservoir is also important.

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