Kordes Roses became an official member of the World Federation of Roses (WFRS)

Recently, the world-famous Kordes Roses became a member of the World Federation of Roses. Varieties of this rose manufacturer are sold worldwide, and in more than 30 countries there are official representatives of Kordes roses. Roses of Kordes grow in private gardens, city parks and botanical gardens.  

coral lions-rose kordes
New Kordes rose 2019 Coral Lions-Rose

Launch of Kordes Roses

Selection and most of the company’s garden roses are located in the main branch in northern Germany. New container, climbers, ramblers, tea-hybrid, patios, floribunda, patios, shrubs and roses for growing for cutting in greenhouses begin their journey from here. Every year, this is somewhere around 2.5 million rose bushes that are delivered from this center to private customers and wholesale customers. They are delivered with open and closed root systems. In summer, during the flowering of roses, here you can buy a blooming rose from Kordes. From this center, rose seedlings for cutting are then sent to East Africa, South America, Europe. 

Refused to become better

In the 90s of the twentieth century, the requirements for natural health and the stability of roses increased. To achieve this, the company refused to fully use fungicides on its test fields. As a result, due to a strong black spot lesion, almost the entire field was defoliated. But! The company decided to continue this direction, and the varieties of roses of Kordes, which stood in this battle for survival, became the sources of a new generation of healthy roses. Many awards at the national (ADR-Trial) and international level prove that this path was worth it to go. 

Video about Kordes Rosen central office

In 2019, Kordes offered the buyer such varieties of roses: Amica, Coral Lions-Rose, Courage, Crimson Siluetta, Fraulein Maria, Grafin Elke zu Rantzau, Ile de Fleurs, Impala, Lavender Siluetta, Mango, Meteor, Pink Forest Rose, Roselina, See You in pink, See You in purple, See You in red, Sunny Siluetta, Sweet Siluetta, Vulcano. As you can see, this is a fairly large number of varieties. They are from different groups and with different colors, flower shapes. Some already have the ADR quality mark and are winners of various exhibitions.

Enjoy your cultivation!

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