Landscape roses were first introduced in 1999 as resistant and hardy roses that are exceptionally disease resistant and able to withstand a wide range of harsh conditions. This is not a separate group, but the breeders have combined under this phrase varieties of roses from different groups with enhanced stability characteristics. This includes roses from different groups. As such, they do not require special attention from the gardener to obtain satisfactory results, which makes them ideal for a novice gardener. This made them one of the fastest-selling new roses almost immediately after introduction to the crop.

A landscape rose is a shrub that will grow almost wherever you decide to plant it. They show approximate frost resistance under various conditions, and grow equally well in the sun or in the shade. However, for best results, a soil with a neutral pH balance (6.6-7.5), abundant watering and full sun will give an ideal outcome. If the full sun is missing, do not worry, landscape roses are quite shade tolerant and thrive even with only four hours of direct sun per day. Frequent pruning is obligatory for them, giving the plant the opportunity to develop new flowering shoots.

Each bush of a landscape rose will produce flowers with a diameter of 7 cm and grow to 1.2 m tall and 0.9 m wide, so allocate space to your plants accordingly. If you choose these roses, they can also be grown as a stem tree. Flowers will bloom in late spring and late autumn.

The color of the flowers will depend on the weather conditions. Warm summer months, for example, appear as cherry on red petals, while cool weather brings fiery red. Foliage, meanwhile, will show dark, purple-green colors that turn into maroon in the fall. Landscape roses have the longest bloom among roses on the market.

Special features

Thanks to careful selection, the landscape rose has gained a strong reputation as frost-resistant with the ability to grow under almost any conditions, and has shown unmatched resistance to powdery mildew, rust, and black spot.

If you live in humid tropical or subtropical areas or dry desert, landscape roses will grow in such extreme conditions. In general, roses are weak and quite often the disease comes to a person; these roses are an ideal choice for anyone who has difficulty maintaining a healthy rose garden, or does not want to bother with rose bushes at all.

Thanks to their resilience and ability to grow everywhere, as well as their unpretentiousness in care, everyone can grow landscape roses! Carefree roses, Altissimo.

Enjoy your growing!

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