Miniature roses who they are

Every year the popularity of miniature roses increases. These small bushes adorn the rock gardens, flower beds and serve as a beautiful frame for any flower garden as a border. They were popular back in Victorian times. The most common variety was then Pomp de Paris. But the changeable fashion has changed and over time they are completely forgotten. Only in 1918 Major Rauletti, staying in Switzerland, saw a small beauty in a pot. Subsequently, she became Rosa Roulettii, and the ancestor of modern miniature roses.

миниатюрные розы фото

On sale in most cases there are only grafted miniature roses. But they multiply not only by vaccination, but also by cuttings. Grafted roses fast-growing vigorous plants. In vaccinated miniature roses, resistance to diseases and frost is higher, and neither drought nor hot summer is feared. Ownership “miniatures” retain a parental appearance, but their “technical” characteristics require more supervision.

Mini roses can grow in your garden and, with good shelter, it’s nice to winter. But you can keep them in the room, while observing all the necessary conditions for keeping such plants in living quarters. I must say that miniature roses will feel better if they grow in the garden. Then they will give you all their beauty: from the abundance of flowers and fragrance, to beautiful healthy shrubs in general. Plant them in the open ground preferably in spring or early summer.

The smallest miniature roses are not higher than 20-25 cm, and the “giants” can grow up to 50 cm. Miniature roses form dense bushes, on shoots of which small flowers bloom, ranging in size from 2-2,5 cm to 5 cm. The most common form The flower resembles a classic tea-hybrid rose with a conical center. Although among them there are almost all kinds of flowers: from simple to terry and, even, gustomahrovyh. Coloring miniatures is so rich that they can be envied by tea and hybrid, and floribunda roses. There are monotonous, two-colored, striped, blossom flowers in one color, and over time their color can change into a different color, mixed color, and even “chameleons” flowers. Over the greenery of foliage, flowers can be blossomed alone, or collected, in small inflorescences. Some varieties of mini-roses can please you with a fragrance strong or weak. But there are others who do not have a smell. The leaves on the shoots are small, 1-2 cm wide.

Thus, we can conclude that miniature roses can decorate any garden, but they require a little more care because of their elegance.

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