There is a large amount of literature, television programs and a variety of storage media about the design of a modern garden. A variety of areas in the landscaping of the gardens allows each of us to create our own garden to our taste, color and smell.

One of the branches of landscape design of the modern garden that is now popular is the art garden. It is difficult to clearly separate its main components, but still we will try. This garden is a combination of mutually exclusive. We will try to talk about the main rules of combinations of such a combination.

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Jupiter Art Garden

Modern art gardens are characterized by such features: the

  • relationship between different types of art – music, painting, theater, sculpture, architecture – in landscape design, the
  • influence of different cultures and traditions
  • are an illustration of the connection between art and the achievements of modern technology.

The architects design the present buildings and gardens so that they are a single whole and part of nature. In this case, the impression of a sharp artificiality of the general appearance of the structure and garden should not arise.

Art gardens are divided into three main groups:

  • Garden – as part of the area.

When designing this garden, the beauty created by nature is necessarily taken into account – the general view of the site and its flora, as well as neighboring plots. That is, they begin to add the necessary elements to the natural landscape of the garden.

  • The garden is part of engineering systems.

The gardens are labor-intensive to create, but their goal is to protect the environment, improve the quality of the human environment and preserve natural resources. They are usually placed inside buildings. Such a garden turns an ordinary ventilation pipe into its integral part, for example.

  • Garden – “Green Architecture”

This is a synthesis of the garden and the building. “Green architecture” includes both green facades of buildings and roof gardens. The goal of “green architecture” is to make the building a highlight.

In addition, the art gardens have certain areas:

  1. Kinetic GardenGarden
  2. “Game”
  3. Garden-artifact Garden-
  4. installation.
  5. Garden with artificial elements

“Art Garden” is a vivid manifestation of innovations in landscape design and at the same time, a work of art. If we analyze them, we can distinguish some of their main features:

  • Due to their limited territory, they look like museum displays.
  • Much attention is paid to details – in almost all areas, landscape designers pay much attention to details.
  • Sometimes these gardens are only made of glass, metal, paint or synthetics, or combinations thereof.
  • A garden like a picture is one.

“Art Garden” can combine various currents of art of the XX-XXI centuries. When planning their gardens, designers turn to the most interesting areas for them. They also place household and industrial waste in modern gardens.

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