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When choosing plants for planting, each of us refers to his criteria. They are superficial and deep. The first ones reflect the external qualities of the plant – color, height, size, etc. Deep criteria are technical qualities that enable us to get the best result. Aroma? What characteristics include this property? We will classify it as deep due to the tolerance or intolerance of an individual human. Perfumers also support us – because the smell is their salary. We want to make on your judgment 15 varieties of roses, enchanting not only with fragrance, but also with external data. The list, of course, is not complete. He, in principle, is infinite. But we take the risk.

English spray rose Lady Emma Hamilton, bred by D. Austin. Her orange-mandarin color of the most delicate silky petals, collected in a deep spherical bowl, complements the “delicious” fruit flavor. It consists of a mixture of smells of pears, grapes and a small refreshing citrus blend.

Madame Alfred Carriere – antique rose, 1879 registration. This French woman is endowed not only with the ability to continuously produce the most delicate double flowers and throw out lashes longer than 5 m. Its delicate, but rich fragrance is especially pronounced in the early morning hours when the dew is still cold and the sun is just beginning to warm the air. Almost as it is felt in the pre-storm time, when the air itself rings.

Next, a variety of roses named after President A. Lincoln. Mister Lincoln is a hybrid tea rose, blooming in early summer with large red and crimson flowers, the petals of which are placed in strict concentric circles. Derived by Jackson & Perkins. It has a marvelous oriental strong aroma of melon.

The name of the next exhibit in our perfumery list speaks for itself – Honey Perfume. This rose from the group of floribunda and flowers of apricot yellow coloring collected in a brush exude honey aroma with sharp shades of spices. Besides the award for excellent aroma, she also has a cup for a beautiful and endless flowering, a general view of the plant from AARS in 1984 and 2004.

Another apricot wonder, like the previous rose, from the floribunda group, At Last, is endowed with a strong classic pink scent emanating from orange-apricot flowers. They are collected in constantly blooming brushes located on branches with a total length of up to 1 m. At the same time, it can be grown both in open ground and in containers.

In 2002, D. Austin presented another rose of his rose to the world, named after the anniversary of Queen Jubilee Celebration. On flexible shoots up to 1-1.2 m in length, there are flowers with a diameter of 8.5 cm, gathered in small brushes and exude a pleasant fruity aroma, in which refreshing notes of lemon and strawberry are distinctly distinguished.

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Louise Odier is a variety of old Bourbon rose, registered in 1851. The classic flowers of this group of roses are densely double, rosette-shaped and inherent in it. It is reliable and refers to the re-flowering roses. From the pink rosettes comes a strong sweet aroma of vintage roses.

A low, early blooming, tea fragrant Cloud from Jackson & Perkins in coral-red tones will give you a mixture of flavors: notes of citrus, spices, fruit mixed with the prevailing aromas of Damascus rose, carnation and pumpkin pie.

Constance Spry – English rose, endowed with a strong myrtle scent.

Rosa rugosa “Alba” – a plant with simple flowers. But not a simple aroma – the sweetish smell of cloves dilutes and refreshes the admixture of citrus. Strong, saturated smell.

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In 1843, a very beautiful rose was bred and the first name Queen of Beauty and Fragrance (Queen of Beauty and Scent) symbolized her place in the garden of the Malmaison estate in France (by the way, this was Napoleon’s time, and the estate itself was the property of Josephine Bonaparte, who collected at that time one of the largest collections of roses). After getting a sample of this plant, he changed his name to Souvenir de la Malmaison (Souvenir from Malmaison). Rose has a sweetish brocade oriental scent of Damascus roses.

Another English rose has expanded the list of fragrant roses – Ambridge. Anise-myrtle train especially like its balanced combination of the constituent elements.

A bush of beautiful floribunda called Julia Child will give you a sweet-spicy licorice spirit. The bright color of terry flowers plus its rich aroma just make

Bourbon Rose Madame Isaac Pereire has perhaps the deepest fragrance of rose perfume.

Heritage is a variety of English roses gifted with a mix of fruit, honey, clove and myrtle flavors. This list is incomplete and perhaps not everyone will agree with it. After all, everyone has their own preferences. But we hope that helped you.

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