New-fashioned bouquet

In the countries of Europe today floral arrangements began to differ in originality due to the use of new special materials and dried flowers at the same time. This is explained by a large assortment of flowers (roses, gerberas, carnations, chrysanthemums, calla lilies, freesia, anthurium, orchids, etc.). Do not lag behind in variety and capacity for bouquets. They can be very flat and unusually high of a classical form, or original, unusual, with a very bright color.

A modern bouquet can simultaneously include fresh flowers, and synthetic plants, and dried flowers. Often in compositions there are decorative herbs, dry branches, cereals: feather grass, pampas grass, kermek, etc. Flower shops sell flower sets from which you can independently make a flower decoration for your home.

By the way, artificial flowers in our time are doing well – often impossible to distinguish from real ones. Such arrangements save those who are constantly busy with something. And they don’t have time to change the water in the vase and water it.

  • Holland. The bouquet, in fact, consists of two compositions: one consists of a variety of flowers of different colors in one vase, and the second is a symmetric or asymmetric triangle. The main and favorite flowers of the Dutch are daffodils, hyacinths and tulips. Such an arrangement is not a regularity, but simply it is very popular there. Naturally, various bouquets are created from roses, daisies, violets of Vitrok, peonies, crocuses, snowdrops and other flowers.
  • Finland. In this country, cut and pot flowers, as well as of artificial origin, are often combined in compositions. Finns love bouquets of irises, carnations, lilacs. They make out not only houses, but also shop windows, hotel halls, office premises.
  • Sweden. Florists from this country prefer to stand out from the crowd. They use little-known and little-known plants for their compositions – lyatris, molyucella, etc. They decorate their works with palm leaves, dracaena, monstera fruits and cereals.
  • Arab East. In most compositions, baskets woven from willow twigs are found. Their shape may be different, as well as size. Some may have legs and back. Inside is a bowl of water or other material (such as an oasis). The bouquet is decorated on a holder of green stems, leaves and branches. With a high basket, flower shoots are tied with wire to wooden sticks inserted in the holder.

Here is such a newfangled bouquet. To create it, in every country they use flowers beloved by the whole nation. And the rest, they follow the traditions – a classic of the French bouquet or restraint of the English composition.

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