Japan is a country of the rising sun and new products in the world of technology. Japanese ancient art and modern trends keep pace. Self-watering flower bed watering itself Flower Merry-Go-Round is a reality created in Tokyo by Panasonic Corp and Katsushika Ward.

Flower Merry-Go-Round is a watering flower bed of a cylindrical shape. She is equipped an automatic sprayerthat works with the pump. Together they feed on solar energy. The power of the solar panel 12 W, a programmable timer, as well as a 200-liter tank, allow you to customize the system in accordance with the season and plants.

само поливающаяся клумбаFlower Merry-Go-Round

In April 2017, tests began on the flower-watered Flower Merry-Go-Round flower bed in an urban setting. It was installed along roads, in public places and on venues for events, at Nohsan High School in Tokyo. They introduced a fog generator from Panasonic to cool the system. The presentation of the prototype with the fog generator took place on May 30, 2019. The goal of Katsushik is to install Flower Merry-Go-Round in the areas during the Paralympic Games in Tokyo in 2020.

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